The standardized procedure of most puffed food machinery lines~
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The standardized procedure of most puffed food machinery lines~

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The standardized procedure of most puffed food machinery lines~

Darin Machinery had established 12 years, we are one of the leading food machinery manufacturers. Providing high quality machinery line, at attractive prices.

1.     Twin-Screw Extruder

This is the main machine composed of feeding, extrusion, heating, transmission, rotary cutting, and control systems. Ensuring the raw ingredients are sterilized by high temperature and pressure during the process. This will ensure the hygiene and safety of the finished products.

The machine speed can be regulated and controlled by the adoption of a frequency conversation speed control technology. To adapt to different varieties and raw ingredients. The discharge cutter speed can be controlled too, it will also affect the size of the dry pet food.

The advanced electrical control design makes the full dog food processing machine highly automatic and stable during operation.

The adoption of advanced frequency converter speed regulation technology had helped to save electricity and promoted the smooth running of the production process. An enforced lubrication system will ensure the prolonged life of the transmission part of the equipment.  

A fully automatic temperature control system makes the temperature more intuitive and parameters more accurate. Furthermore, the screw has a self-cleaning function, so there is no need to disassemble the screw for cleaning when the machinery is at rest. You can realize different shapes of your finished products, by simply changing the molds.

Notice: For Large production lines, it is recommended to use a modulator. For further information on this contact, our professional customer supports.

2.    Fan conveyor

In a device that uses wind power to transport the products, the wind is generated by a fan. It requires low energy consumption, but high efficiency. The feeds are sealed in the steel channel, without leakage and contamination. It is advantageous for long-distance transportation.

3.    Multi-layer oven

Used to dry the processed pet food, removing the excess moisture. It only needs a small area, but within the machine, it consists of a large drying area. Low in heat dissipation and high thermal efficiency.

The insulation board and mesh belt are all made of stainless steel. The speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted, thus, the drying time can be shortened or stretched. You can choose the type of heater, Darin provides electric, fuel, and gas types.

The size of the multilayered oven can be customized, such as:

·         5 layers, 5 meters oven

·         5 layers, 8 meters oven

·         7 layers, 10 meters oven

4.    Seasoning Drum Line

Automatic oil spray and seasoning of the pet food is the last step of the procedure. It consists of seasoning rollers, elevators, fuel injectors, and other equipment. The rotation speed and direction of the seasoning drums are adjustable.

The oil sprayer is equipped with a heating system to prevent the oil from solidifying in a lower-temperature environment.

The oil sprayer and seasoning sprayer can sprinkle oil and seasoning on the surface of the dry pet food. And through rotation of the drum these seasonings, and oil will be evenly spread on the finished products.

In conclusion, choose Darin Machinery Line as your first choice. We have experience in food machine manufacturing. We are especially in puffing and extruding machinery lines. Which produces, snacks, cereal bars, instant noodles, artificial rice, and pasta catering to human cuisine. Furthermore, we have a production line producing pet food and treats. Contact us to find out more now!


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