The machinery process of producing cereal bar
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The machinery process of producing cereal bar

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The process of producing cereal bar

Darin is a company specializing in puffing and extrusion types of machinery. With decades of experience in the industry. We provide prestige production line to assist you in starting and expanding our factory.

Before producing a granola bar, you need a granola machine and supporting machines or equipment. So let me introduce the sequence of the production line.

What is a puffing machine?

Puffing Machine

Puffing Machinery

A puffing machine is a multi-purpose equipment used to produce various cereal grains for consumption. For instance, puffed rice, healthy mixed products, rice flakes, etc.

It is the same for Darin Puffing Machine, it can puff all kinds of grains. With the latest technology, grains are being puffed under high temperatures and pressure in puffed-making machinery.

Puffed grains are famous as breakfast cereals and resemble rice cakes. Puffed rice will be in a homogenous size and shape in nature.

The key reason for getting a puffing machine:

It is a critical process to cook the raw ingredients. If, you want to further the process and make puffed grain into the puff snacks bar. You can add on a Cereal Bar Molding Machine or even a Cereal Bar Cutting Machine.

cereal bar molding

Cereal Bar Molding Machine

Cereal bar cutting machine

Cereal Bar Cutting Machine

The main difference between bar molding and cutting is that one mold into different shapes. The other cut the cereal bars into smaller pieces. Puffed grains will be the raw ingredients of these types of machinery.

The full production types of machinery needed for Cereal bar forming:

1. Puffing Machine

To puff our raw ingredients and get them ready for the next process.

2. Batching System (Supporting Equipment)

To separate ingredients, for instance, dried strawberries and cranberries. It also portions powder, granules, or liquid.

3. Preheating Tank (Supporting Equipment)

This heat preservation tank is to ensure the syrup is warm and ready to use in production.

4. Conveyor + Protein Bar Pressing Machinery

Transport the ingredients to the next stage. This stage will press the ingredients evenly into a sheet.

5. Cooling Tunnel

This stage is to cool down the ingredient and get ready for the last few steps.

6. Cutting

Slicing the piece of end product vertically, then cutting it horizontally into smaller pieces.

7. Packing

This is the last step of the whole process. It gets ready the energy bar for sales after this step. With attractive packaging, consumers will be interested to try it out.

In a nutshell, Darin will not let you down. We were in the industry since 2011. Our machines were exported to over 70 countries worldwide. With rich experience in exportation, you definitely can trust our products. We provide you with a one-year warranty upon receiving all our equipment and machinery. Leave a message now!


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