The bright future of Pet Industry
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The bright future of Pet Industry

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The future of the National Pet Industry Exceeding $123 Billion

Darin is a leading company in producing the pet food extrusion machinery industry. With a decade of experience. We are also a part of the National Pet Industry, a member of APPA. Therefore, in this article, I will share more of my thoughts and forecast, according to American Pet Association (APPA) data.

The American Pet Association (APPA) announced the industry reached $123.6 billion in sales in 2021, it is the highest level in history. This is the second consecutive record-setting year for the industry, with a continued growth expected for 2022.

Statistics can show the potential of the pet industry business. State of Industry data for 2021 revealed an increase in every spend category (compared to 2020):

Future of Pet Industry

According to the APPA

From these statistics, we can see the trend and derive some points. Let me share with you, my findings:

  • The increase in pet food has increased, thus, this shows that there is an increase in pet-owning. Or family choose to feed pet food and treats, and not cook themselves.

  • Vet care had a surplus increase of 8.9% can also show the increase of owning a pet, furthermore, we also can derive that family takes greater care of our furry friend’s health and well-being. We can derive that customers will look for a healthier choice of food for their pets. In addition, due to the trend, there will be opportunities to produce healthy pet feed.

  • There must be an increase in pet adoption, this will result to contribute to further spending on pet products needed, especially the dry pet food, which is the main source of animal diet.

  • From the graph, we can know that the Pet food and treats section is the largest and most potential category, as all our furry animals need food. Thus, it will be the most potential business to invest in.

Which is the best category to start your business:

I would like to say all the categories had a bright future. However, you still need to choose wisely.

If you are interested in starting a business in manufacturing pet food & treats. Choose Darin as your first choice.  Continue reading this article.

Pros and Cons of manufacturing pet food and treats:

Pet food making machine line

May need starting investment to generate the business, you need workers, factory and machinery. But with Darin Machinery, you do not need to worry about so much.

As we provide mini pet food extrusion machinery. With a production of 5kg/h, this pet-making machinery can be used to produce all kinds of pet food depending on the raw ingredients.

Most importantly, it doesn’t need a large factory to allocate the mini dog feed machinery. The size of this Darin machine is 1.83*0.5*1.4m and only needs 1 worker to operate. This reduces your investment, and able to earn a profit, with a high ROI.

(Normally this Mini Pet Food Extrusion Machinery is for laboratory use, to test out pet food recipes. However if you really don't need a large capacity, this min pet food machinery will be your best solution.)


If you and your business are ready and need the large capacity dog processing machinery line. Do not hesitate, get the large one. It may need a longer time to achieve ROI, but it is much more profitable in the long run. As you are producing more quantity, equals a higher revenue.

Starting a factory producing pet feed production line. You can create your brand and many more other ways to sell your products, which I will be sharing in my next article. Follow closely to our new article release. If you have any doubts or inquires on our machinery, contact our customer’s service experts.

To wrap up, Darin was a company that specialize in food manufacturing machines. Especially in the pet line and puffing & extrusion line for humans. We are looking forward to having you on board our journey. We provide assistance to begin your pet food production.


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