Produce frozen meat patty machinery line
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Produce frozen meat patty machinery line

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Producing ready to eat patty meat machinery line

Are you interested in starting up a factory producing meat patties? We are Darin a professional manufacturer of food processing machinery lines. We are a one-stop center that provides all types of machinery lines for our customers, check out our machines with our consultant.

Proudly introduce: Darin Burger Machinery Line and Bread Crumb Processing Line

1. Meat Patty Machinery Line

Burger Patty Machine

Darin's APF Series is automatic hamburger machinery. It is suitable to produce all kinds of nuggets, steak, with any kinds of meat. Darin provides different molds to produce different patterns of end products.

Furthermore, you can also customize your pattern, by just notifying our professional consultants. To minimize the product wastage, the cut-off piece and bits of the ingredients will go thru the whole process again forming new products.

The APF Machinery Series can be widely used for mincing and slicing applications. To produce a premier meat paste. The fish fillet machinery line is controlled by a Siemens PLC processor. After the process, you can pack it for sales.

You can also find other supporting machines at Darin. Find out more with our consultants.

We provide a different range of machinery capacity:


APF – 200

APF – 4oo

APF – 600

Capacity (kg/h)

50 – 100

500 – 600

1000 – 1200

2. Bread Crumb Processing Line

Bread crumb machine

The bread crumb extruding line is improved from advanced extrusion technology. The end product is widely used as an add-on, when deep-frying the meat patties, chicken, onion rings, etc.

It makes the meat patty, looks golden and attractive to your appetite. It tastes crispy and delicious. Bread crumb is the soul mate of deep-fried foods.

If you introduce this machinery line in your factory, you will be able to process your breadcrumbs. The benefits will be:

- Having control over the quality of the raw materials.

- Able to guarantee cleanliness during the production process.

- Expanding a new production line, as you can self-use the bread crumb for your produced nuggets or sell it directly to customers.

We provide a different range of machinery capacity:


DR – 65

DR – 70

DR - 85

Capacity (kg/h)

120 – 150

200 – 250

300 - 500

Once again, I would like to say choosing Darin will be a perfect choice. We have a professional team of experts, who are very ambitious to design and produce superior quality food processing machines at an attractive price. Contact us now.


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