Pet food making machine line deliver to Romania
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Pet food making machine line deliver to Romania

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Romania is a good market for pet food machines, and many customers would like to choose 200-300kg/h for the start of business. For this customer, he also choose 200-300kg/h one which is our DR-70 model.

Introduction of Pet Food Extruding Line

Pet Food Extruding Line focuses on the production of pet food for dog, cat, bird, fish, turtle, rabbit, horse, etc.

The final pet food have a high nutritional value but low investment.

Pet Food Extruding Line is automatic and continuous, and wholly controlled by PLC and touch screen.

What is dog food production line?

Dog food production line can produce all kinds of pet food, including dog, cat,fox, bird and so on. dog food making machine uses
twin-screw extruder, the whole work flow canbe controlled exactly by parameter. Different raw material and nutrient elements can
be added together according to advanced formula, so the final products are tasty and easy to digest.
* Water content is below 12%
* Digestibility can reach 70%
* Nutrition is comprehensive and balanced
* Easy to carry, long shelf life

Raw material for dog food production line:

Corn flour, wheat flour, rice flour, fish powder, bone powder, fresh bone and meat paste etc.
Or using the corn feeds, rice feeds, wheat feeds directly, then grinding. Other nutrient can be added together.

Work Flow:

This pet fish feed pellet extruder kibble dog food making machine production line process flow: Raw material preparation→Mixing raw material→Conveying→Extrusion→Conveying→Drying→Screening→Oil spraying→Flavoring→Packing

Pet food making machine line deliver to Romania

Pet food making machine line deliver to RomaniaPet food making machine line

Pet food making machine linePet food making machine line

Pet food making machine line


Dog food production line is suitable to make dry animal food pellet (dog, cat,bird,etc.)The final animal food shapes and sizes can be various by changing the extruder dies. Supply different shapes of dies free for customer. Double screw dog food machine with gearbox, smooth operation, the double screw structure of the product expanded degree of maturity good.

Pet food making machine line

All in all, Darin is a company rich in experiences and was in the market since 2011. We provide high-quality customer services, professional research, and an engineering team standing by whenever you need us. Don't hesitate, get your quotations now!


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