New double screw pet machinery line~
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New double screw pet machinery line~

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New double screw pet machinery line~

Check out the latest pet food machinery line, only available at Darin Machinery. We are one of the leading manufacturers of food machines, providing fully automatic food machinery lines, at wonderful prices. Darin was established in 2011, in Jinan, China. We are professionals in the industry, providing you with useful information and advice.

2ton pet food extruder (2)

At Darin, you can find all machines to make up the production line, we are a one-stop center providing everything you need. From the mixing machine to mixing your materials evenly, conveying machine transports the mixtures to the double-screw extruder. A double extruder provides better consistency and higher capacity during the process of pet kibbles.

In the pet kibbles production machinery line, the extruder is the most important procedure to cook the animal dry food. As the ingredients when through high temperatures, and pressure. Furthermore, when the pet food gets in contact with the surrounding atmosphere, it will expand.

Next, the conveying belt cools down the products and will transfer the semi-finished products to the next step. Lastly, it will when through the baking machinery, this is to remove the excess moisture in the kibbles. This can effectively extend the shelf life of dry kibbles for pets.

In a nutshell, choosing Darin’s animals’ dry food production line is your best choice to get your machine. We provide a complementary machinery line layout plan designed especially for you, as well as the basic pet food recipes. Contact us to find out more~


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