Latest Pet Food Trends for Manufacturers to Know
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Latest Pet Food Trends for Manufacturers to Know

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Latest Pet Food Trends for Manufacturers to Know

Currently, global pet food trends have increased dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Darin is providing you with some tips and recommendation to switch your ingredients. Let's find out more about pet food and Darin's pet food machines


1.     Focus on pet health

In the US, 30% of pet product buyers reported paying high attention to their pets’ health, since the beginning of the pandemic according to research. Several pet owners show interest in pet treats that can calm down their pet’s anxiety and product aids good digestion.

Thus, if you are thinking to start a project producing pet food is recommended to follow these trends. As trends can be turned into new opportunities. Choosing Darin Machinery Lines will be your best choice.

We provide superior quality machinery, with professional advice. If you chose our machinery, we provide you with a lifetime inquiries service and a year of warranty, starting upon receiving the machinery.

2.    Transparency in Ingredients Used

Meat meals are normally used as an ingredient for dry kibbles. Try to be specific in these ingredients’ content by stating what the meat source comes from. For example, chicken meal, beef meal, salmon meal, or kangaroo meal.

3.   Humanization of Pet Food

Currently, in America there is 23% of citizens, choose not to have children, while in China there are 32% of citizens felt that their pet is their children and in the U.K 56% of pet owners are willing to spend more on their pet, cutting their spending.

Thus, there is a big trend and market to produce premium pet foods and treats. Thus, choosing fresh, high-quality meat is not enough. Top yourself up with Darin Food Processing Machinery Line. We provide pet treat machinery lines, dry kibble machinery lines, dental chew machinery lines, etc.

In a nutshell, Darin is a wonderful company providing the services that you need. We are willing to serve the extra step. By choosing us, you will not need to worry about anything. We are a one-stop center, providing the full line of puff snacks, pet food, and treats machinery. Contact us now for further information!


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