Large production of Dog Food Extrusion Machinery Line
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Large production of Dog Food Extrusion Machinery Line

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Large production of Dog Food Extrusion Machinery Line

5 tons pet food extruder

Darin Machinery was established 26 years ago. We are specializing in puffing and extruding types of machinery. We have a team of engineering experts that produce high-quality and latest technology machinery.

Today I will be introducing you to Darin's largest capacity of pet food production machinery. It can produce 5 tons of pet food in an hour.

This machinery can produce different animals’ food. Just by changing the menu and ingredients used accordingly. This large pet food production line is a complete automatic dosing system with PLC control.

It consists of 9 different parts. These nine parts make up the full production line. Following is the process chart flow:

Material receiving, batching section → One-time Crushing Section → Blending Section → Extruding Section → Drying Section → Coating Section → Cooling & Grading Section → Finished Product Distribution & Storage Section → Control System Sections

The machinery is made of quality stainless steel. Thus, it will not get rusty and is more durable. Furthermore, we provide a one-year warranty. Or if you face any doubts or problems during the production operation of the Large production of Dog Food Extrusion Machinery Line, you can contact Darin any time you need our help.

The electrical parts Darin had chosen Schneider or Delixi, for the motor and PLC control system are from Siemens. They are all from trustable brands, so there is no need to worry about the performance and durability of the electrical parts.

We could supply the export standard wooden cases. Which are suitable for long trips, loading, and unloading. This pet feed machinery line may take 120 working days after receiving the down payment. As Darin will need time to process the order.

In conclusion, Darin Machinery is a trustable brand our dog kibbles-making machinery line, and puffed/extrusion lines are now servicing in more than 70 countries worldwide. Drop us a message now! We are looking forward to your inquiry.


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