How to price your puffed/extruded products?
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How to price your puffed/extruded products?

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We are Darin Machinery providing superior quality food processing machines. We had developed and improved with our customers, to provide better performance machinery lines. Which are fast, smooth, and minimize wastage during the process.

This pricing recommendation can be used for all Darin's Machinery end-products. But you still need to consider based on your position, target audience, and the high of competition.

Without further ado let's get started!

Firstly, the products you produced by Darin Food Machinery Lines are mostly likely to be convenience products. Which are frequently purchased without much consideration and shopping effort. Thus, there is low consumer involvement.

So how do we decide on the pricing of Darin Machinery Produced? In marketing, there are different pricing methods:

- Cost-Based Pricing

From the word you can get the hang of it, it is based on the cost plus the target profit. This method is the fairest method of these three.

- Value-Based Pricing

This is a price set based on the value consumers perceived, for example, Kellogg, the first breakfast cereal brand. The value perceived by consumers will be the top, trustable, and high-quality brand product. Thus, they may be willing to pay more for it.

Sidetrack a bit, Darin Machinery is working with Kellogg factories, providing them with our breakfast cereal machinery lines.

- Competition-Based Pricing

If the market is very competitive, it is suggested that to choose this pricing method to at least secure a profit. Maybe it is not an attractive one, but it is better than a loss, to be honest. Lastly, this can successfully prevent harmful price wars.

All these pricing methods come with shortages, so when doing decisions be wise.

Premium Strategy

High Price, High Perceived Quality

Good Value Strategy

Low Price, High Perceived Quality

Overcharging Strategy (Avoid this method)

High Price, Low Perceived Quality

Economy Strategy

Low Price, Low Perceived Quality

Of course, you can have different pricing methods and strategies for different series of products. However, it is not recommended to have a different strategy for every single product.

To conclude, if you had considered starting this project, choose Darin as your first choice of food processing machinery. We provide all kinds of machines, not only the ones you can find on this website. Just feel free to contact us now.


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