Donut Shape Oat Bar Making Machinery Line
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Donut Shape Oat Bar Making Machinery Line

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Donut Shape Oat Bar Making Machinery Line

Darin was established in 2011, today I’m going to share about the donut design cereal bar machinery line. Darin is one of the top puffing & extruding machinery lines manufacturing companies. We design, research, and produce high-quality machines.

Oat Ring Forming Machine

This donut shape oat bar machinery line can be used to produce all kinds of cereal bars, oat bars with dried fruit, or chocolate dipping. Our senior designer specially designed this donut shape.

The idea of a donut-shaped cereal bar came from the typical deep fry donut, which is his favorite afternoon tea. But due to his health condition, he thought about a healthier choice of cereal bar in a donut shape. Thus, he can enjoy the delightful afternoon and will not cause a burden to his body.

Although it is a small design, the story behind it is about better health aspects. Our designers and engineers hope to bring health and prosperity to our customers and their consumers.

The difference

As we all know typical donuts are:

·         Rich in sugar

·         Deep-fried

·         High in calories

·         A boost of high blood pressure

Our Oat Bar Machine can make donut oat bars:

·         Rich in Fiber

·         Puffed grains, nuts, etc. which are high in nutrition

·         The cooking method is puffing or extrusion, it is a healthier cooking method.

These are also the reasons that you should invest in the machinery line, as there is an increase in health awareness, this machinery line will bring you revenue.

The Procedure

Filling Ingredients → Forming Shape → Cooling Donut Bar → Conveying & Cooling

Information on the cereal bar-making machinery line

1.     Forming molds made by PTFE materials, there are food graded. Darin will be providing 36 pieces of molds, of course, you can choose different molding patterns or customize your pattern.

Example of the patterns Darin provide:


2.    You will need 1-2 operators, the hourly output is 200 – 300kg.

In conclusion, choosing Darin will be a wonderful solution. We provide superior food processing machinery lines at attractive pricing. Contact us now!


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