Delicious Cheese Puff Pillow Processing Machinery Ultimate Guide
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Delicious Cheese Puff Pillow Processing Machinery Ultimate Guide

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Delicious Cheese Puff Pillow Processing Machinery Ultimate Guide

Darin Machinery was established in 2011, located in Shandong, China. Through these years of development, we have successfully grown into a large food processing machinery manufacturer. Currently, our food machinery line is operating in over 70 countries worldwide.

  1. Product Description

  2. Why Darin Machinery?

  3. Services Darin Provides

Product Description:

Core filling puff line

Cheese Puff Pillow Processing Line uses corn flour, rice flours, corn grits, millets, etc. as raw ingredients. The whole production process carries a low-cost input, with attractive profits. It can produce all kinds of puffed pillow snacks with different fillings not only cheese but there are also chocolate, strawberry, cream, etc. fillings too.

This cheese puff pillow machinery line is developed and designed based on our technician’s tremendous skills and rich experience. It is an upgrade of the puff pillow machinery line in the market. Our machinery has realized fully automation. The machinery is produced with superior quality stainless steel and exquisite craft.

Standard Configuration

Mixer → Screw Conveyor → Twin Screw Extruder → Air Conveyor (Hoister) → Electric Dryer → Oil Sprayer → Flavoring Drum → Cooling Conveyor

Flour Mixer

It is used to mix the raw ingredients. For example, corn flour, rice flour, etc. with liquid. To prepare and get the ingredients ready for the next step.

Screw Conveyor

It is used to transport the ingredients, it acts as a bridge or a link to two different pieces of machinery. Thus, it transports mixed ingredients from the flour mixer to the twin-screw extruder. Without contaminating the ingredients, it is sealed in the conveyor, therefore, it is safe and clean to consume.

Furthermore, it reduces the labor needed, as there is no need for workers to transport the ingredient.

Double Screw Extruder

This machine serves as the brain of the whole procession line as it is the most crucial part of the process. It operates continuously to cook ingredients under high pressure and temperature. In the machinery, the two screws co-rotate to transport the ingredients back and forth to ensure it is cooked.


To be specific it is an accelerating hoister carrying the semi-finished products to the next step. It also acts as a cooler to spread and cool down the heat.


This equipment allows you to choose the layer of the roaster you can make a special order for this machinery. Our standard dryer is a 5-layer roaster to remove the excess moisture from the finished products. It is commonly used in different aspects of food production.

Flavoring System

It includes flavoring and an oil spray drum, which evenly sprays the oil onto the finished products, giving it a naturally glossy. Furthermore, it can increase consumer willingness to purchase it. As well, the system will add taste to the finished products.

Operating Video

Technical Parameters


DR – 65

DR – 70

DR – 85

Capacity (kg/h)

120 – 150

200 – 250

300 – 400

Power (kW)








Why Darin Machinery?

  1. Darin Machinery chooses motors of high quality, we use motors that are from either WEG or Siemens. The brands provide a 3-year worldwide warranty, any consent about this you can contact our customer service support to find out more information.

  2. Electric Parts are from ABB or Schneider. Thus, it is easy to get a replacement when needed no matter which country are you located in.

  3. Most Machinery has implemented PLC and Touchscreen to optimize the level of production. Realizing a user-friendly system has effectively reduced the labor required. These electric parts are provided by Siemens, Germany.

  4. The PLC and Touchscreen take control of the full processing line, not just one or two machines. The touchscreen will display English.

  5. If there is any technical fault occurs, there will be relevant information displayed specifically on the touchscreen. Thus, it enables you to solve it easily, without the need to investigate the specific problem.

  6. The control cabinet is 24V, which is a safe voltage.

  7. The whole machinery line has implemented three different protectors to ensure the safety of the operators and machines. Namely the over-current protector, over-voltage protector, and over-heat protector.

  8. The machinery line includes the mesh belt, and parts in contact with ingredients are made of food-grade stainless steel. And the cover body is made of stainless steel too.


These include our IAF, CE, and our Trademark Registration Certificate.

Certification and Document

Services Darin Provides

After confirming the machinery, we will provide a few complimentary layout plans to install your new machinery line into your factory.

We provide a one-year warranty upon you receiving Darin Machinery Line, and we will provide an installation video too. Our engineering experts will take up the responsibility to train you on the operation, maintenance, and repairing techniques via zoom or WhatsApp.

Furthermore, Darin will be providing you with the recipes as a guide, and you can enhance the formula yourself. We offer lifetime inquiries services for all Darin Machinery Lines.

In conclusion, choosing Darin Machinery will be a choice you will never regret. We provide excellent services and machinery lines at a reasonable price. In manufacturing food processing machinery, we are professional with high standards. So do not hesitate to drop us a message now!


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