Darin Machinery Presents: 4 tips on Dog Food Ingredients & Labeling
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Darin Machinery Presents: 4 tips on Dog Food Ingredients & Labeling

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4 tips on Commercial Dog Food Ingredients and Labeling

Pet Kibbles

Darin Machinery is a leading brand of puffing and extrusion machines company. Established in 2011, we have been exporting our machinery worldwide. Currently, our machinery is servicing in more than 70 countries.

When we are planning a production of dog kibbles, with Darin pet feed-making machineryyou need to be aware of raw ingredients that should not be found in dog feed. Firstly, pups are carnivores, thus their diet needs more proteins.

Normally, the top three ingredients will make up 90% of the feed. As a result, for all manufacturers, my suggestion is to increase the protein content in your dog or cat kibbles. To meet our pet’s daily nutritional needs.

Few tips and advice

1.         Avoid generic terms such as poultry or fish

Your customers may not know what the source of meat is coming from. Manufacturers you can give a specific source of the ingredients will be better. For instance, red meat, state whether is beef, pork, or lamb. For fish species, whether is salmon, tuna, or carp.

2.         Avoid not proportionally raw ingredients

To achieve balanced nutrients for your pets, our dogs need proteins and fats. Plan and design your recipe, accordingly, and opt for high protein ingredients than carbohydrates ingredients. This will meet the need of our furry friends. They desire better care, thus, you should choose better ingredients when pouring into the pet kibbles machinery line.

3.         Be aware that any claims need to be certified

Claims example, natural, organic, lower fats, etc. in your product’s name. You need to be certified by USDA to indicate the claims on your packaging. This will get trust in your customers and most importantly avoid trouble.

4.         Includes the taurine in your formula too

Taurine is an amino acid that is required for both dogs and cats. Especially for cats, as their body can synthesize it. On the other hand, dogs can synthesize taurine from two amino acids, methionine, and cysteine. Therefore, it is necessary for both pets, for eye development and a healthy heart.

In conclusion, with all these guidelines followed on top of the Darin kibbles processing machine line, you will achieve your premium dog or cat kibbles. Working with Darin will be a fabulous choice, we are providing a one-year warranty and lifetime online inquiries support. Contact us now, for more information!


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