Cereal bar cutting machine versus Cereal bar molding machine?
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Cereal bar cutting machine versus Cereal bar molding machine?

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Cereal bar cutting machine versus Cereal bar molding machine?

Cereal bar cutting machine works similarly to cereal bar molding machine, until filling into the machine. For more information, please click here to visit the article. Now, we discuss the differences, cereal cutting will slice the product into a smaller rectangular shape. While a cereal bar molding machine can mold into different patterns by simply changing the molds. There are shapes, for example, squares, balls, hearts, etc. The whole machine is covered by stainless steel. All the molds are made of High Molecular Weight (HMW), High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) materials, which are safe for food use.

More on the process

Just now, we had mentioned the shape-forming, we moved on to the cooling system and demolding the products from the molds and the conveying of the end products. Different from the cereal bar cutting machine, it stops here. Thus, there will be a need for you to pack the products.

What is a cereal bar versus an energy bar?

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A cereal bar is somewhat similar to an energy bar, it can also be named as protein bar. So how do you differentiate it? An energy bar is when a manufacturer claims that their product can boost energy and improve physical performance during a workout.

However, the nutrition experts measure both cereal bars and energy bars contain nutrients that boost calories, as sugar is present. Of course, it still depends on the amount of milk, eggs, nuts, fruits, etc., which will slightly differentiate the calories. These ingredients contain a high amount of energy as compared to just whole cereal, popped rice, and oat bars.

Lastly, to be clear both the cereal/granola bar cutting machine and the cereal bar molding machine could produce an energy bar just depending on the raw ingredient you are using.

In conclusion, we are very experienced in the production of machinery. We provide excellent before and after-sales teams to clarify all your doubts. Darin will be your better choice to work with, and we look forward to working with you.


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