Cat feed-making ingredients for Beginning Manufacturer?
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Cat feed-making ingredients for Beginning Manufacturer?

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Cat feed-making ingredients for Beginners Manufacturer?

Darin is a company established in 2011, in Jinan, Shandong China. We are specialized in food processing machinery manufacturing and exporting. Currently, our machinery lines are delivered to 70 countries worldwide.

As we all know cats are carnivores, thus, they need meat-based proteins. In order to meet the needed nutrition value of high protein. The pet feeds need to contain enough percentage of specific meat meal. But why?

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High Protein

That's because cats use protein as a source of energy, furthermore, they need more amino acids for building blocks of muscles and use protein as a fuel to burn to support their daily activity.

Thus, if your cat does not have enough intake of protein, their muscle will be used as an energy source. It is very different from dogs, which are omnivores.

If you are interested in high protein feeds, cat treats processing machinery line. Darin provides the cold treats extrusion line, keep the nutrition sealed in the pet treats. It is a perfect treat for your customers to build bonds with their own.

Taurine is critical for cats

Taurine is an amino acid, which is essential for your cats. Taurine can be only found in animal sources such as beef, chicken, salmon, and goat milk, but not in plant sources.

As cats cannot synthesize taurine, like humans and dogs. Thus, if there is not enough taurine contained as a manufacturer you can add it into your formula.

Cats with taurine deficiency might develop heart issues known as dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). DCM will cause the cat’s heart muscle to weaken and thinner. Preventing them from pumping enough blood to supply oxygen to the body. This is a fatal disease if not corrected early.

Furthermore, an adequate lack of taurine will also cause severe cat vision problems, including blindness.

Thus, a small precaution tries not to feed cats with the dog food as it is insufficient protein, taurine, and a high amount of carbs. Same for dogs eating cat food might cause obesity in dogs.

Low Carbohydrate

Choose to produce low carbohydrates contain cat feeds with Darin’s cat kibble-making machinery. As excessive carbohydrates could lead to feline obesity and diabetes mellitus. Furthermore, your cats might face difficulties digesting carbohydrates.

If you are interested in the production machinery of pet feeds, you can contact Darin for detailed information.

To conclude Darin is a leading company in processing food machinery lines. We aim to produce superior extruding and puffing machines for all of our customers. Contact us now!


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