Begin your pet food factory: Every ingredient has a purpose
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Begin your pet food factory: Every ingredient has a purpose

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Begin your pet food factory: Every ingredient has a purpose

  1. Why there is a variety of ingredients used in pet food?

  2. Detailed Explanation of Common Ingredients

  3. Darin Pet Production Machinery

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From the title, you can tell the topic today. Before we get started let me intro, on ourselves first. We are Darin, established in 2011, located in Jinan, China. We specialized in extrusion and puffing food machinery lines.

All our machinery lines are good in quality at a reasonable price. Currently, our machines are working in more than 70 countries worldwide. Having positively good reviews up to 90%, and most of them became our loyal customers.

Nowadays, pet lovers have a variety of options when selecting food for their dogs and cats. A study has found that more than 500 ingredients are used in pet food recipes. When formulating dog or cat products, we need to consider the balance of nutrition to ensure that our pets are healthy. There are some more expectations to be considered:

1. Does your recipe provide pets with the required nutrition?

2. Is your food tasty and appealing to pets and ensuring that the consumers’ pets eat the feed?

3. How well are the ingredients formulation and finished products maintain their shapes and appearance throughout the cooking process?

4. Does the food meet the other preference and quality expectations of the pet’s owner?

Thus, as the food manufacturer, you need to consider these important expectations. Now, let’s learn more about some key ingredients.

Why there is a variety of ingredients used in pet food?

Pets and Samples of Pet Food

Most pet food in the market is prepared to complete and balance the nutritional need of our pets. It includes the different aspects, meaning that each serving of feed needs to meet the nutritional requirement of our pets, providing essential nutrients at an appropriate level. The essential ingredient should include amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids.

For every ingredient, manufacturers need to select carefully. Ingredients found in the pet food recipe need to be labeled clearly on the packaging. Pet food labeling is crucial, and do also label the food meals spices.

Aside from these basic needs, pet food needs to be tasty, in good texture, and digestible. All these factors contribute to your pet's desire to eat the food. Your pets must be willing to eat to ensure there's nutrition absorption.

Detailed Explanation of Common Ingredients

Vitamins and Minerals

Dogs and cats need more than 40 essential nutrients to support their growth, development, and body systems. It is highly recommended to premix these supplements into our recipe. However, some sources of vitamins will be damaged when heat is present. Thus it is suggested to add after the feed is baked.

Animal By-products

According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) describes that by-products are secondary products produced. In addition, to the principal product. However, pet food commonly refers to ingredients produced during the food for human consumption. Which includes both plant sources and animal sources.

But you may not know that by-products are essential food sources for our pets. Most animals in the wild consume every part of their prey. Including the organs and bones, thus, these ingredients offer the most densely packed and wide-ranging nutrients. It might not deem attractive to humans, but it is delicious for our furry friends.

Most by-products are processed into meal-based. This process is known as rendering, where the ingredients are cooked at high temperatures. To ensure the destruction of pathogens such as salmonella or E Coli. While still providing the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates that support our pets' health.

Pet food manufacturers can be confident with the ingredients and ensure safety while providing essential nutrition. By selecting high-quality rendered pet food ingredients. The rendering process can collect condensed water vapor and use it for other purposes.

Flavors, Colors, or Preservatives

The addition of flavorings, colorings, and preservatives is normal in animal feeds in small amounts. The amount of these ingredients needs to be strictly regulated, as it causes side effects due to these ingredients.

Preservatives - can extract from a natural source like vitamin E or from an artificial source to prevent pet foods from spoilage. This means after opening the bag of food, it can be still safe to use for pets providing convenience for pet owners.

When choosing the preservatives, you need to consider your target audiences. Thus it also means targeting pet owners willing to pay extra for natural sources. If they are, choose the best ingredients for your products.

Except for artificial smokey or bacon flavoring, dog foods are rarely included with artificial flavoring. Premium meat meal ingredients will have a delightful aroma that pets find the deluxe delicious taste.

At the finishing of the pet food production, it is highly desirable to use a season drum machinery to spray animal fats or oils to the finished products. For example, omega group oils, coconut oils, etc., to the pet kibbles. These are beneficial for our cats and dogs when comes to brain development and visions.

Darin Pet Production Machinery

2ton pet food extruder with sample

After introducing so much on how to choose ingredients, now let me introduce our pet feed production machinery. You can produce all sorts of pet feeds using this machinery. For example, cats, dogs, fish, rabbits feed, etc., but you need to formulate your ingredients list differently to meet the animal's nutritional needs.

Darin has put in efforts to upgrade our machinery continuously to meet the needs of our customers. The body of the pet food machinery is made of stainless steel. The mechanical line was established with high hygiene standards, ensuring the dog food ingredients would not get contaminated.

The whole production process is optimized to ensure the fluency of the production. It consists of a mixing machine, screw feeder, twin-screw extruder, fan conveyor, multi-layer oven, and seasoning drum line.

They have different responsibilities in the production line. Darin has a range of production capacities, meeting different production capacities requirements. To find out extra information, refer to Pet Food Production Line Detail Explanation. In this article, I shared more details on each machinery responsibility. 

In a nutshell, when investing to start a pet production line. There are a variety of things you need to put into consideration. To meet your customers' expectations and also their pets' appetites. If you are interested, choose Darin as your first choice. We provide premium-quality food extrusion machinery lines at attractive prices!

Furthermore, we provide our customers with complementary machinery line layout plans, specially designed according to your factory layout. There is a year warranty plan, starting after you receive the machinery. Let us assist you in your journey to begin the business. Feel free to drop us an inquiry form now!


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