All about Darin Machinery Lines and The Services That We Provide
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All about Darin Machinery Lines and The Services That We Provide

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The best company providing food process machinery you should not miss it. Providing premium puffing and extruding machinery lines. Darin was established in 2011, we provide all our customers, potential customers excellent services.

What Food Manufacturing Machinery Lines Darin’s Provides?


If you cannot find the products on our website, kindly contact our customer service experts to find out more!

What can you expect from Darin?

Before Sales Service

1. We provide free consultation on the machinery lines and equipment, and how to use them together to form a full systematic line.

2. Provide the standard device and the flow chart of the machinery line that you are interested in.

3. According to the clients’ special requirements, we offer reasonable plans and design assisting you to select our machinery. This service is provided free of charge.

During Sales Service

4. Assisting you to design the layout of your factory and provide professional advice throughout the process.

5. Furthermore, a complementary machinery line layout plan is designed by our engineering experts according to your factory design.  

6. We like to invite you to pay a visit to our factory outlet, to find out more about our machinery lines.

7. You can inspect your ordered machinery before leaving Darin’s factory.

After Sales Service

8. We will be training you with our videos on the installation of the machinery lines.

9. Training with be provided for the first-line operators. By video call, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc.

10. Darin will be providing basic formulas for you

11. Operation, Service, and Maintenance Manuals will all be offered in the English version.

12. When the Covid Pandemic is over, we can provide engineers over to your factory. The cost needs to be fully subsidized by the clients, which includes the accommodation, meals provided, round trip flight, and wages at $100 per person each day.

13. We provide lifetime technical support for all our machinery.

14. We provide a year of warranty, starting upon the machinery line arrival at your factory.

For Beginners, Intermediate, and Expert in the pet food and treats industry, Darin hopes to provide you with your needed knowledge. Any inquiries on our machinery, contact us now. All our consultants are well trained by our company to give you first-hand information on all our machinery.


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We specializing in development and sales of pet food machine, puff snack machine, energy granola bar machine and support equipment.




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