What is the Kurkure processing machine?
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What is the Kurkure processing machine?

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What is the Kurkure processing machine?

Darin is a company located in Shandong, China. We were in the food processing machine industry since 2011. Our team had rich experience in exporting machinery worldwide. Most of our machines can be delivered on time before the deadline, except force majeure.

Kurkure is a snack that is produced by a marvelous food machinery line. After the food extrusion process, it turns the raw ingredients crunchy and with a delicious taste. The corn grit is mixed with a proportional amount of water.

(Note: Kurkure / Cheeto / Twisters are all referring to the same end products, these are some examples of brands)

The process will start with mixing the raw ingredients and water. Followed by squeezing and kneading action with the screw, then proceed to the extrusion. These give the shape and texture of the twisters; they will come in irregular sizes. Kurkure can be favored at the end of the whole process. It is a very popular snack people consume during times like watching drama.

Cheetos Extruding Line

These are the advantages of Darin’s extrudered snack machine:

· Non-standardized shape and size customization is available according to your brand or consumer preference.

· Simple operation method, with centralized control, Darin uses Siemens’ parts for PLC, touch screen, and motor (with English, etc. languages). For electrical parts is either Siemens or Schneider. They are very reliable and trusted brands in the market extremely long time.

· The crunchy snacks machine can operate continuously 24/7. Providing a greater production than traditional machinery offers. As a result, you can save electricity and reduce maintenance costs.

· The Cheeto-making machine has automatic dosing to utilize with the different types of flours and starches (the size should be 60-80 mesh).

Extra information: 

The procession line comes in this order

Mixer → Conveyor → Extruder → Dryer → Hoister → Flavor Roller → Cooling Conveyer

A small video clip

In conclusion, Darin is the best choice for you. Working with Darin, you will never regret a decision. Feel free to find out more with our customer service experts. We will provide one-to-one guidance, especially for you.


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