What is an excellent animal food line?
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What is an excellent animal food line?

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What is an excellent animal food line?

Have you ever considered what is the criteria of an excellent pet food extrusion machinery? Darin Machinery is here to share more about the expectations that you should for during selections. Darin was established in 2011, we specialized in all kinds of extrusion machinery lines. Follow me through to find out more about Darin's Pet Food Production Line.

Basic criteria:

·         Able to produce all kinds of dry pet foods, including dog, cat, fish, etc. foods.

·         The finished products can be in various forms. By simply changing the molds, special design molds can be customized. If you have any inquiries, just simply contact your consultant.

·         We provide different production capacities for our customers, to meet their needs and wants.

·         The conveyors ensure the smooth flow of the ingredients and manage the consistency of the production rate.

·         Furthermore, it is electric-friendly and minimizes production wastage.

Raw Materials

Meat Meal*, Fish Meal*, Meat and Bone Meal*, By-Product Meal*, Wheat Flour, Corn Flour, etc.

It is recommended that:

*Be specific on the species of meat meal, for example, beef meal, chicken meal or pork meal, etc.

* Be specific on the species of fish meal, for example, salmon meal, tuna meal, etc.

* Be specific on the species of meat and bone meal, for example, chicken and chicken bone meal, etc.

* Be specific on the species of by-product meal, for example, chicken lung and heart meal, etc.

In additional:

-       Edible by-products are high nutritional for our furry animals, to support their daily activities.

-       Bone Meal is high in calcium content; thus, it is also beneficial for our loved pets.

Furthermore, Darin Machinery will be providing complementary services, including free basic recipes that support your production. We will also be designing the machinery layout plan according to your factory layout.

To conclude, Darin Pet Food Extrusion Machinery Line is your best choice, it can meet all your needed criteria. Furthermore, Darin has never stopped our steps to move on to being a better food machinery supplier and manufacturer. Contact us now!


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