What is Puffed Food Extruder Machine?
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What is Puffed Food Extruder Machine?

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Puffed Food Extruder Machine

Rice extruding puffer

Darin was established in 2011, we provide not only puffed and extruder machinery, we also have pet food machinery. Darin is one of the top manufacturer. We aim to provide wonderful experiences for our customers. Our machines are now working in over 70 countries worldwide.

Darin machinery is well-designed to be user-friendly, with multi-functions, automatic. These puffed food extruders can generate large amounts of end products which are high in quality and nutritious.

A food extruder machine is used to grind raw ingredients and produce specific shapes with different molds. With different molds, you can produce all kinds of shapes. For instance, pellets, rings, and balls. Darin also provides customization you can design your mold, which is unique and special.

Our extrusion machines have two types, namely single screw, and double screw. You can choose the one that you need. The raw ingredients tend to contain a high amount of starch.

During the process of extrusion, the ingredients will expand and release moisture. With a high speed of rotating in the extruder machine, it will mold into the desired shape when it had finished the process. Following will be a short video clip.

All in all, this machine could puff the ingredients and give them a specific shape. Which is different from only puffed machinery.

Darin is a company located in Shandong, China. We are specialized in machinery manufacturing, our company has never stopped our steps to improve our machinery. We are looking forward to having you with us. And achieve your goal productions.


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