What are the processing advantages of the cereal bar processing line?
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What are the processing advantages of the cereal bar processing line?

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The production of cereal bars needs to go through the steps of batching, boiling sugar, mixing, pouring, cutting and sub-packaging. The cereal bar processing line can use a variety of raw materials to make cereal bars, such as pop rice, oats, nuts, peanuts, grains, dried fruits, etc. The processing advantages of the integrated cereal bar processing line are obvious. Darin's mechanical analysis is as follows:

1. Simple and fast operation

The one-stop cereal bar production line can be controlled centrally, and one cabinet controls the entire line, which is easy to operate.

2. Fast production speed and high efficiency

The cereal bar production line generally adopts servo cutting, and the product has a flat cut surface; the packaging equipment adopts servo packaging system, which is fast and efficient.

3. Wide range of ingredients that can be used as raw materials

Such as oats, popcorn, peanuts, sesame seeds, dried fruits, almonds, raisins, etc.

4. There are many types of molds

Shapes of different sizes can be made by changing molds, such as square, spherical, heart, ring, cake, stick, etc.


5. Cost saving

The cereal bar processing line can save a lot of raw materials and labor costs, and the return on investment is high.

In addition to the above advantages, Darin Machinery's cereal bar production line has unique advantages, such as:

1. The DRC-65 grain bar machine adopts Siemens PLC and touch screen, and a variety of operating languages are available, such as English, Spanish, French, etc. Any failures in the production process are displayed directly on the screen.

2. The molds are HMWHDPE, a total of 36, which are in line with food grade.

3. The voltage can be customized according to customer requirements.

If you are interested in cereal bar processing machinery, please contact us immediately. Darin Machinery will customize a solution for you free of charge, our machines work in more than 70 countries around the world, and can provide you with top-of-the-line, latest food processing machinery production lines and services.


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