System composition of food extrusion production line
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System composition of food extrusion production line

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Food extrusion machines are widely used, and food extrusion processing is a high-tech food industry. Today, Darin Machinery shares the system components of food extrusion production lines.

The food extrusion processing production line system generally consists of feeding, preconditioning, transmission, extrusion, heating and cooling, forming, cutting, control and other parts.

1. Feeding device

The device feeds all kinds of mixed ingredients stored in the silo which are easy to stick and cannot flow freely into the machine uniformly and continuously, so as to ensure the stable operation of the extruder.

2. Preconditioning device

Various ingredients are mixed with water, steam or other liquids in a preconditioning unit (sealed container) to increase the moisture content and temperature of the material. The central shaft of the pre-conditioning device is equipped with a helical belt blade or a flat stirring paddle. While mixing the materials to make the components uniform and heated, the materials are transported to the inlet of the extrusion device.

3. Transmission

Its function is to drive the screw and ensure the torque and speed required by the screw during the working process. The electric motor is the power source of the transmission, and its size depends on the production capacity of the extruder. The motor power of the forming extruder can reach 300kW.

4. Extrusion device

The extrusion device consists of a screw and a barrel, which is the heart of the entire extrusion processing system.

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5. Heating and cooling system

Heating and cooling are necessary conditions for a smooth extrusion process. Resistance or electric induction heating and water cooling devices are usually used to continuously adjust the temperature of the barrel, so as to ensure that the food material can always be extruded within the temperature range required by its processing technology.

6. Forming device

The molding device, also known as the extrusion molding die, has some small holes that allow the material to be formed when it flows out of the extruder. The shape of the die hole can be changed according to the requirements of the product shape. The simplest one is an eyelet, and annular holes, cross holes, and narrow slot holes are also often used.

7. Cutting device

The commonly used cutting device in the extrusion processing system is the end face cutter, and the rotating plane of the cutting tool is parallel to the end face of the template. Pass.

The desired length of the extruded product is obtained by adjusting the rotational speed of the cutting tool and the linear speed of the extruded product.

8. Control device

The control device of the extrusion processing system is mainly composed of microcomputers, electrical appliances, sensors, displays, instruments and actuators. , pressure, position and product quality; realize automatic control of the entire extrusion processing system.

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