Pet Food Industry Trends
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Pet Food Industry Trends

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Darin was established in 2011, today I will be sharing why to invest in a manufacturing factory for pet food? And how to position your company?

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Darin produced a superior pet and human cuisine processing machinery line. We are one of the leading companies in the industry.

With increased health awareness, consumers focus on their health, as well as the health of their pets. It is common to see their spending trend on pets. The pet food market had expanded, there are not only dry kibbles. There are more specific foods that are enriched for the niche market.

Why invest in a manufacturing factory for pet food? And how to position your company?

The global pet food market reached 95.6 billion.

(Business Point of View)

An increase in the number of consumers who choose to buy pet food products for their animals. Due to the current lifestyles of the pet owners, they may not have time to cook at home for their pets. Thus, buying these food products will be their best alternative.

Thus, there is a huge market to mass-produce dry kibbles. Darin Machinery provides a variety of capacities for our pet food machinery lines. Which can meet your production requirement.

About 42% of cat and dog owners choose to spend more on premium pet food.

(Pet Food Processing)

They are willing to select premium food that is expensive but high in nutrition value. Which their pets can get sufficient nutrient to support their daily activities. Thus, the statistics had further shown that pet owners shift in their purchasing habits.

Thus, manufacturers think wisely about your business positioning. Whether to focus on the quality of your pet kibbles.

Roughly 40% of pet owners buy their pet food online.

Online shopping had a great boom, due to the COVID – 19 pandemics. Therefore, consumers switch to a convenient way to place orders online. Thus, manufacturers, this is a potential way to sell your pet food, after producing them.

Furthermore, if there is no COVID, shopping online is also much more convenient for your customer. With just a few clicks, the item is delivered to your customers' doorstep.

With perfect ingredients, you will still need the best machinery lines to produce your pet food.

Darin presents different machinery lines for pet foods and treats. Find out more about the machinery and operation videos.

·         Semi-moist Dog Chews Machine

·         Pet Dog Meat Strip Processing Line

·         Pet Treat – Meat Chunks Processing Line

·         Large Capacity Pet Food Extruder Line

·         Cold Pet Treat Extrusion Machinery Line

·         Rawhide Bone Pressing Machine

·         Pet Biscuit Processing Line

·         Dog Treat Injection Molding Machinery

These are machinery are all produced by Darin, more of the machines hold a patent, if you want to find out more, contact us now!

To conclude, Darin has a full range of pet food and treats machinery with superior quality. We had rich experience in producing machinery lines not only for pet food but also for human cuisine. If you are interested in puffed snacks or cereal bars, contact us now~


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