New Evolution of Snacks Proudly Presented by Darin Machinery
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New Evolution of Snacks Proudly Presented by Darin Machinery

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New Evolution of Snacks Proudly Presented by Darin Machinery

Darin Machinery was established in 2011, we follow the latest technologies to provide the best machinery line for our customers. We are a member of APPA, providing premium quality Snack Pellets Machinery Line.

Pellets are the most versatile semi-finished ingredients such as cereal flour, potato derivatives, etc. pellets are an excellent way to top up value for simple ingredients. Expand the nutrition found in snacks.

The main features of snack pellets:


The color, shape, and expansion rate are perfectly defined through the process of extrusion, die, distance cutting, multilayer forming, etc. This great variability can fully meet your need for innovative products and create new trends in the industry.


There is a wide range of raw materials that can be used by Darin Snack Pellets Machinery Line. It is installed with Darin’s technologies allowing the production of snacks having different textures: soluble, crunchy, crispy, etc.


The extrusion process has efficiently extended the shelf life and keeps the ingredients fresh after processing, it is an excellent way to store them. This is due to the low percentage of moisture content too; it eliminates bacteria from growing.


Pellets are semi-cooked products that can be converted into ready-to-eat products easily. By just dipping them into the boiling oil or ovens when heat is present the pellet will expand itself. After that, you can choose to simply add on seasoning or just leave it as it was.

To conclude, Darin Machinery is one of the largest pet food machinery manufacturers. We have been exporting our machinery lines to over 70 countries worldwide. Providing professional support and guidance for beginners and all customers. Contact us now to find out more~


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