Meat Sticks Cold Extrusion With Auto-Traying System
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Meat Sticks Cold Extrusion With Auto-Traying System

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If you want to make soft dog chews or lecithin products and don't want to 

heat when do extrusion, then you can choose this cold extrusion machine.

Introduction of Meat Sticks Cold Extrusion With Auto-Traying System:

DR-126 meat strip extruding machine can extrude multi pieces of meat sticks. Different sizes and shapes can be made by changing the mold.

  1. Full automatic tray system can automatically pick and place tray through mechanical arm, equipped with tray store.

  2. With very high auotmation, can heavily save cost and manual labor intensity.

  3.Top quality photoelectric sensors ensure meat strip and tray exactly matches each other, precisely length cutting control, labor saving, 

  suitable for high standard meat strip producing.
  4.. Whole system is composed by trays storage, trays picking up, trays conveying, auto cutter, etc.

Features & Advantages of the auto traying meat strip machine:

It is the first processing line to produce meat strips automatically and continuously.

The diameter and shape of meat strips can be varied by changing the molds.

Fully controlled by PLC and touch screen to reduce the labor cost, 2-3 workers are needed to operate the whole line.

The characteristics is discharging speed, output evenly, can infuse bowel flesh lump, can also be used to fill the mi bowel, 

flexible, convenient and freeloading, high efficiency, continuous production capacity, and cleaning convenient, suitable for various types of production enterprises.

Technical Parameters

Output Power Required Worker Voltage / Frequency Dimension
200-300kg/hr 22kw 2~3 380V / 50Hz 8 x 1.6 x 3m

Model DR-126
Capacity 200-300kg/hr
Air source 0.5-.0.8 Mpa
Air Comsumption 90L/min
Tray Dimension 680x400mm
Quantity of Placing Tray One Tim 40pcs
Power 3.75kw
Dimension 8000X2900X1610mm
Machine weight 680kg




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