Mass Produce Corn Puff Snacks with Darin Machinery!
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Mass Produce Corn Puff Snacks with Darin Machinery!

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Mass Produce Corn Puff Snacks with Darin Machinery!

Have you ever thought about being a food manufacturer, producing popular food and snacks? Read this article to find out all about how to begin your factory. I will introduce you to the steps of making the decision. Darin Machinery is here to assist you to start your factory in your country. We have rich experience in manufacturing and exporting our food machinery line worldwide. Now, our machinery lines are working in over 70 countries.

You may already have an idea of which food or snack you are planning to produce. So, let’s get all started.

Puff snack extruding line

Firstly, Research the Interested Products by Surveying. You have a different choice to do this.

Online Survey

Face-to-Face Survey


Its recommended that we do either online or face-to-face surveys. It is relevantly easier to plan your questions according to your needs, for example, if you decided to create your brand or sell products. Research questions need to focus on the acceptance of your intended consumers and are they willing to try new snacks.

Of course, it is easy and cost-friendly to do an online survey through an online website. The questions should include Demographic, Likert Scale, Multiple Choice, Closed-Ended, and Open-Ended. It is highly recommended data collected must be no less than 100 interviewers. Questions need to be objective and avoid being biased as you may enjoy the puffed snack.

Secondly, after you have collected your survey data, your next step is to research the puffed snacks machinery lines. There is a lot of food processing machinery in the market. I would say that our brand is the best, and I would like to urge you to choose carefully, compare and contrast different brands.

Follow through these decision steps when coming to make your orders. I will be including some features that Darin provides so that, you can have a better view during your selection of puff snack machinery line.

Problem Recognition

You find there is a need to invest in the snack machinery line as you are setting up your factory or expanding your production capacities.

General Description

Buyer intention on the characteristics and capacities, for example, fully automation machinery line, and the production capacity goals.

Darin Provides - Puffed Snack Machinery Line, you can choose to produce both sweetened and salted snacks. Pillow snacks could be made by this line too, by adding a machine that can fill in the chocolate melt, jam, cream, etc. This puff snack line is systematically installed, to produce the final products automatically and runs smoothly.

There is a range of grain products that can be used, like maize, rice, wheat flour, etc. There is more for you to explore yourself. The full processing line includes different machines, from feeding, extruding, inflating, core-filling*, shaping, roasting, cutting, and oil spraying machines.

*Core-filling machine is optional; it's only needed when you are producing pillow snacks.

Product Specification

Hourly production, for example, 300kg/h production capacity. Can the final product design be unique?

Darin Provides – 3 models of puffed snacks machinery lines





Capacity (kg/h)




Power (kW)




Dimension (m)




Workers needed




You can design your snack molds to produce your unique snack patterns. Darin extruder is designed based on an excellent programmable computer system. Enabling you to adjust for optimal parameters according to different recipes, water content, pressure, and temperature. Due to its excellent automatic system, it relieves your first-line operators’ job load.

Order-routine Specification

Documented warranty time and maintenance services

Performance Review

Upon receiving the machinery, grade the puffing snack machinery line performance, by rating its performance and maintenance services.

Darin Provides: 

We have provided some actual feedback in Cases, if you are interested, take a look at the successful machinery line delivery worldwide.  

After settling down the machinery now you can select your factory. Why it is the last step before the grand opening, is because if you start renting there will be a cost occur. Choose your factory according to the machinery manufacturer’s suggestion, to optimize the performance via production capacity and running smoothness.

When everything is ready, we will be assisting and guiding you on the installation of our machinery line. Via WhatsApp video call or zoom, depending on your preference. Furthermore, Darin will be providing you with basic ingredients formula.

If you are interested in Darin Machinery, please do save this page, for later use. Or contact our experts now, for professional advice on our different machinery lines. We welcome you to start your journey with Darin. Hope to hear your voice soon!


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