Invest an energy bar machinery
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Invest an energy bar machinery

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Darin is established in 2011, we are the top puffed and extrusion machines manufacturer. We are well known for exporting our machinery overseas. Now our machines are working in over 70 countries worldwide.

Why investing in energy bar machinery?

Energy bar molding

In short, it is a piece of machinery producing an energy bar. An energy bar is to provides energy for your consumer’s daily life. The energy bar is a perfect source of nutrition, and it is tasty.

Furthermore, it is convenient, ready to eat snacks when you are on your way to work. With rising health awareness for instance, diabetes, obesity, blood cholesterol, and heart diseases. We put more attention on the food we consume.

Our living standard was rising, with rapid information available and demographic and socioeconomic shifts. Now consumers are more health-conscious and tend to choose healthier choices. The acceptances level has also increased.

Therefore, with the income increase and rapid lifestyle. Consumers demand healthier products, this granula making-machine can produce for you all of them, with different ingredients. For example, Nutritional, Energy, Granola, Protein, Diet, Sport, Cereal, Cereal, Breakfast, Nutraceutical, and Crunchy Bar.

Puffed Machinery → Filling Ingredients → Forming Shape → Cooling Cereal Bar → Demolding Cereal Bar → Conveying Cereal Bar → Packing Machinery

Why Darin?

Darin Machines Cereal Bar Processing Line are mostly automatic, we use mainly branded PLC and touch screens, from Siemens. Electrical parts are from ABB/Schneider/Delixi and monitors are from Siemens or WEG. We are all trustable brands. Our extrusion machines can produce 5kg/h to 500kg/h.

Darin’s is backed by an experienced and skilled engineering team. Who ensures that you have a wonderful experience with our machinery. They will be assisting you in your starting up and all your inquiries. Drop us a message now!


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