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Darin presents - Instant Food Production Line

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Why is it worthwhile to invest in Instant Food Production?

Darin Machinery was established in 2011, we are professional in producing extrusion machines that are of premium quality. We have rich experience in exporting machinery overseas. Currently, our machines are used and operate in 70 countries worldwide.

Modern days, people are living under high speed and pressure, which has resulted in us needing everything speedily. An obvious instance is China's food delivery runs for a time to ensure that the order is on time. Bringing out today's focus on why it is worthwhile to invest in instant food production.

Thus, there is a need for instant food and ready-to-eat food machinery lines. Consumers tend to purchase these foods and beverages. Due to its convenience having that, it has effectively reduced the time on preparing and cooking. Furthermore, these instant and ready foods are delicious, tasty, and look appealing.

From all these reasons it can reflect the popularity and market of such products. Thus, it is worth it to start this investment, to set up your manufacturing line.

Darin Instant Food Machinery Lines

Darin has a few instant food machinery lines, including instant noodles production line, instant rice making line, and meat burger patty machinery line. These are all considered instant food, which can be cooked within a few minutes.

Let me introduce in detail:

1.    Instant Noodle Production Line

Instant noodle processing line

This machinery line was embedded with advanced technology, with a compact structure. Furthermore, it originated and was upgraded by Darin’s engineers with continuous auditions for better performance, and now it can be said to be a perfect instant noodle production line.

Darin instant noodle machines have achieved full automation for the first-line operators, which was highly user-friendly for beginners with no skills required. It requires relevantly lower electricity to generate the instant noodle machinery line. The line of machines can be configured into a tiny factory space, without affecting the production of the products.

We provide 3 different production capacities for you to make your decision:



DR-III (Steam Type)

DR-V (Steam Type)










26 x 5 x 3m

72 x 5 x 3m

105 x 5 x 3m

Workers Needed




2.   Instant Rice Machinery Line

Instant rice extruding line 0

Instant rice is also known as artificial rice. The process of instant rice making starts when we grind rice into rice flour as a raw ingredient, followed by extruding, drying, and polishing procedures. This process enables finished products to obtain a natural shine with an excellent shape by a instant rice machinery line.

Furthermore, you can add nutrition supplements during the instant noodle-making process. The finished product will be fortified rice. This result in the rice being rich in a mixture of vitamins and minerals. Fortified rice is in-demand among highly educated and health-conscience consumers. They will be your target audience when promoting fortified rice.





Installed Capacity


Space needed

30 x 5 x 3m

Workers Required

3-5  Workers

3.   Burger Patty Production Machinery Line

The burger patty machinery is fully automatic to perform all procedures, including filling, forming, and output. The raw materials could be meats, fish, shrimp, potato, pumpkin, carrot, green beans, vegetables, and tubers.

It works well with other supporting machinery to complete the full processing line, including flouring, breading, battering, frying, etc. However, it suggested getting the full machinery line at Darin. It can effectively reduce the time needed for research.

If you are interested in Darin also provides Bread Crumb Extruding Line to get you ready with self-produced breadcrumbs for your only use, or you can sell it as a product too.

It is easy and convenient for raw materials to refill or replace when needed. Furthermore, accurate weight control makes it possible to control the production cost. These minimize wastage throughout production.

Darin Burger Patty Machinery focuses on the user-friendly and safeness when operating the machinery. With premium-quality stainless steel that does not get rusty, which is food-grade. We use a PLC processor originating from German Siemens. There is an auto failure alarm system and touch screen in bilingual languages.

To conclude, Darin is a very developed food machinery manufacturer, and we have never ended our pace of improvement. Our founder has always been foreseeing all progression of our company. Thus, we will also be providing you with the professional knowledge to start your factory. Contact us now!


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