Darin Presents: Automatic Bread Crumb Production Line
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Darin Presents: Automatic Bread Crumb Production Line

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Darin Presents: Automatic Bread Crumb Production Line

Darin Machinery is the perfect supplier for you! We offer a wide range of food extrusion machines and food puffing machines, we are experience in exporting machinery since 2011. Providing machinery worldwide, we had built our transportation line.

Bread crumb machine

The production line is based on advanced extrusion technology, and its quality and operation have reached the domestic leading level. The fully automatic bread crumb production line has changed the traditional breadcrumbs production process.

The crumbs production line has five sections:

wheat flour milling → wheat flour mixing → dough shaping and modification → bread crumb extrusion →  bread crumb drying process.

The crumbs extruder is made of stainless steel and designed with a double screw extruder and piston, enabling it to produce at a high output, stable performance, and low energy usage.

The whole machine is installed with a complete set of the distribution system, which makes the material flow smoothly in the process of extrusion. The extrusion machine is controlled by PLC, which only requires minimum effort to produce maximum products.

The advantage of this Bread Crumb Extruding Line is:

  1. Adopting the most advanced screw extrusion technology, the extruder has a stable operation, good extrusion quality, high output, and low noise.

  2. The device is easy to operate and maintain, and the breadcrumbing machine is designed to run automatically.

  3. The machine is equipped with automatic temperature control, and the cooking process is automatic.

In conclusion, Darin is your best choice to work with, we provide high-quality food processing machinery that meets your business needs. Feel free to drop us a message.


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