Create your Pet Biscuit Processing Line
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Create your Pet Biscuit Processing Line

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Create your Pet Biscuit Processing Line


Darin established in 2011, is one of the leading companies in puffing and extrusion machinery lines. We provide premium quality products, all our staffs are well trained to provide you with a wonderful experience.

Today, I will be introducing the pet biscuit processing line, and the reasons you need this machinery.

Why Pet Biscuit Forming Machine?

A pet biscuit is a type of pet treat. With different machinery, you can produce different kinds of pet treats. A new pet biscuit production line will increase your revenue. Furthermore, it makes increases your market share in the pet food and treats industry. If you are both the manufacturer and seller of your products, it is more beneficial for you and your business.

Pet biscuit treats are similar to pet kibbles in their moisture content. Thus, this can extend the shelf lives of the products.

Darin’s Dog Biscuit Machinery Line is high automation and was developed and designed on top of the Japan technology. All the working procedures, from feeding, calendaring, shaping, wastage recovering, and drying after cooking. The different pieces of the machine in the production line can work at the same time, in one shot.

Pet Biscuit Machinery Line serves its unique purpose of producing pet biscuits, normal pet treats contents with higher moisture. Furthermore, consuming pet biscuits need a bit more time for them to bite and break down the biscuit into smaller pieces. The pet biscuit former target different needs of our dog as compared to soft pet treats.

Tips on production

Usually, these treats contain some sort of grain, but grain-free varieties exist as well. Starch is needed to hold the shape of the biscuits.

Kinds of Dog Biscuit

This pet biscuit former can produce biscuits such as cream biscuits, calcium biscuits, multi-vitamin biscuits, and vegetable biscuits. Depending on the formula of the pet biscuit, you can achieve these kinds of pet biscuits. But remember before selling, get approval from the local authorities.

In conclusion, Darin will be your first choice, we provide one year warranty upon receiving all our machinery. Furthermore, Darin provides lifetime assistance for our products. We hope to receive your inquiries soon.


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