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Choose your food extrusion machinery from Darin~

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Choose your food extrusion machinery from Darin~

Have you considered starting up a factory manufacturing puffed or extruded food?  Darin is here to support your dream. We provide professional services and quality machines, at attractive pricing. We have a developed team of experts, which starts from the design of the machinery to selling the machines.

We have a varied choice of machines that you can choose from, it ranges from the human food category to the pet food and treats category.

Pet Food Lines

We provide large-capacity pet food lines with a production capacity of 150kg/h to 5000kg/h. Catering to customers’ needs and production goals. If you are starting a new company without many distribution channels, it is suggested to start with a smaller capacity, as if the pet food machinery lines are not operating at full capacity it is a waste of electricity.

Pet Treat Lines

We have different pet treats machine lines, which produce dog biscuits, semi-chewy pet treats, cowhide treats for dogs, etc. These products are popular among families with pets, as they can entertain our pets so that they can minimize the time that is used to destroy homes. Prevent dental problems and calm down pets when they are in unfamiliar places.

Snack bars Production Lines

We offer different types of snack bar machine lines, with and without extrusion processing. It all depends on your personal preference and our target markets. The machine can produce granola bars, oat bars, chocolate bars, etc. We provide professional training online by Darin’s experts.

In a nutshell, choosing Darin Machinery is your best choice of all, we were established in 2011, and through these years of development. We earned a position in the manufacturing food machine market. If you are interested in us, feel free to contact us for more information now!


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We specializing in development and sales of pet food machine, puff snack machine, energy granola bar machine and support equipment.




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