Amazing instant noodles making machine
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Amazing instant noodles making machine

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Darin is located in Shandong, China, a beautiful spring water city. We provide a full range of food processing machines, including pet and human processed foods.

Why instant noodle-making machines?

Instant noodle line

A tiny instant noodle manufacturing plant can be a profitable food factory. The instant noodles you produce need to cater to the local market demand on whether fried or non-fried instant noodles.

Our company, Darin, provides you with branded instant noodles detailed recipes. Thus, there is no need for you to research and innovate your recipe so that you can cut down on your manufacturing cost. At the same time, it makes this project is profitable.

Profit margins for instant noodles manufacturing are at least 30%. For large-scale mass production, profit can reach as high as 50%.

 Demand ranking WINA

All the data is in million portion

This table has shown the potential capability of instant noodles sales. Whether you are exporting instant noodles or small-scale instant noodle making. You can earn an attractive profit by selling them.

Amazing innovation of instant noodles processing machine

The whole procedure starts with the raw ingredients put into the instant noodles processing machines. Then you add water to mix the mixtures. After the water and flour are fully mixed it will form a dough. The dough starts to be rough and coarse but begins to smooth as it passes through several compounds. The dough sheeters knead the dough until it has a consistent texture.

Then it passes through a roll slitter, a specially designed cylinder. To cut the instant noodles into the required thickness and exact shape of the instant noodles. It is a rolling blade that slit the dough into the noodle's signature curly look. Then, this long continuous stream of noodles heads to the streamer, where the instant noodles are ready to eat.

Next, the instant noodles are cut into smaller portions. These portions are cut into the molds. Finally, the instant noodles come to the last step of being fried. The color will change too.


In conclusion, Darin is a company started in 2011 that specialized in food processing machinery. We provide excellent customer service. We have a team of engineering experts to solve your enquires. Darin is looking forward to having you on our journey to meet your production goals.


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