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All about the cereal machine

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Darin’s breakfast cereal machine produces corn flakes that serve on everyone’s breakfast table. In modern days, people choose a healthier lifestyle, consuming more wholewheat product, which is high in complex carbohydrates. It can help keep a constant blood glucose level, keeping you feel full.

How does a cereal machine work?

This breakfast cereal machine mixed the raw ingredients. It is made of wheat flour, corn flour, and glucose. Next, it enters a pressure cooker, cooking at a high temperature. Through this step, the flours absorb water and give the shape of the breakfast cereals. A screw converting system cools and separates the corn flakes.

History of breakfast cereal

Breakfast cereals originated in 1863 by James Caleb Jackson. He is a religiously conservative vegetarian who ran a medical sanitarium in Western New York. The cereals are made of graham dough that was dried and broken into small pieces. To dehydrate cereals need to be soaked in milk overnight. He gives it the name granula.

And later named granola by John Harvey Kellogg, he is a nutritionist. Yes, his brother Will Keith Kellogg is the founder of Kellogg’s. The largest cereal company produced a range of popular cereals. Kellogg’s is one of our customers that we supply our latest cereal machines to them.

Corn flakes extruding line

All in all, Darin is a company with rich experience. We have a group of experts researching and innovating on the latest technology, improving our food machinery. We serve all our customers with standardized and consistent service. Darin is looking forward to having you onboard on our journey. Thus, don't hesitate to get a quotation now.


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