3 Hot picks at Darin Food Machinery Lines – Human Cuisine
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3 Hot picks at Darin Food Machinery Lines – Human Cuisine

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3 Hot picks at Darin Food Machinery Lines – Human Cuisine


  1. Rank 1st: Breakfast Cereal Machinery Line

  2. Rank 2nd: Mini Granola Bar / Cereal Bar Cutting / Cereal Bar Molding Machinery Lines

  3. Rank 3rd: Puffing and Extruding Rice Machinery / Rice Puffing Machinery

Darin presents the top 3 machinery lines manufacturing human cuisines. The ranking is based on our sales orders. Darin was established in 2011, we are one of the top companies in the food processing machinery. Providing superior puffing and extruding machinery lines at attractive pricing.

Rank 1st: Breakfast Cereal Machinery Line

Corn flakes extruding line with sample

It is also known as Corn Flakes Processing Line. The machinery line can produce all kinds of corn flakes and cereals of various shapes and sizes. For example, round, ring, star, etc. shapes.

Furthermore, we provide different flavoring methods, for instance, original or sugar frost. Darin provides customization of molds, as well as basic recipes for our customers.

This production line is completely automatic. The ending products are excellent in appearance and taste, with a natural shine and crispy. We provide two different capacities to choose respectively.


DR – 70A

DR – 70B

Capacity (kg/h)



Power (kW)



Dimension (m)



Workers to Operate

2 – 3

3 – 4

Standard Flowchart:

Mixing Materials → Etruding → Flaking → Drying → Toasting → Coating Sugar → Drying → Cooling

Rank 2nd: Mini Granola Bar / Cereal Bar Cutting / Cereal Bar Molding Machinery Lines

3 types of cereal bar machinery lines

They are all bar-forming machinery lines producing the same end-products. The only difference is the procedures and capacities of these machines. You can use all kinds of ingredients, including popped grains, cereals, oats, dried fruit, etc.

For Mini Granola Bar Machinery Line (DRC – 55) is producing at a different capacity as compared to Cereal Bar Cutting Machinery (DRC – 75). But they are all cutting the bars into smaller pieces.


DRC – 55

DRC – 75


40 – 60pcs/min

300 – 400kg/h

Power (kW)






Flowchart of Cereal Bar Cutting Machinery Line:

Hoister → Cereal Bar Pressing → Cooling Tunnel → Cutting

Flowchart of Simplified Mini Granola Bar Machinery Line:

(Simplified due to the productivity of the machine)

Cereal Bar Pressing → Conveying → Cutting

Both of these machinery lines are slightly different from the Cereal Bar Molding Process.

This molding machinery line provides a range of different molds. It directly molds the bars into the desired shapes and sizes. Darin provides customization of these molds according to your need and preferences.


DRC – 65

Capacity (kg/h)

250 – 350

Mold Quantity

39pcs, including

-         Forming Molds * 36pcs

-         Pressing Molds * 2pcs

-         Demolding Molds * 1pc

Power (kW)


Dimension (cm)


The flowchart of Cereal Molding Machinery Line:

Filling ingredients → Forming shape → Cooling Cereal Bar → Demolding Cereal Bar → Conveying Cereal Bar

Choose the machinery lines according to your needs, whether your focus is on different shapes of final products or the production capacities. There will always be one that is suitable for you.

Rank 3rd: Puffing and Extruding Rice Machinery / Rice Puffing Machinery

Puffing Grain Machines

These two machinery lines are very similar in the productivity of puffed grain at 50kg/h. However, there is still a slight difference.

Puffing Pop Rice Machinery (DRW –   50)

Extruding and Puffing Rice Machinery   (DRP – 70)

·           Semi-Automatic

·           Irregular shape and size

·           Large popping sound

·           Heterogeneous size and shapes

·           Automatic

·           Comes in different shapes, due to the molds

·           Regulate shape and size

·           No noise

Choose wisely according to the properties of these machines.

To summarize, Darin welcomes all businesses that are interested to start a factory, or already have a factory to invest in our machines. We provide professional knowledge and assistance during your operations. Contact us now!


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