1 Thing to Know Before Manufacturing Dry Pet Food
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1 Thing to Know Before Manufacturing Dry Pet Food

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Pets’ food manufacturers, nowadays have a lot of options when comes to manufacturing pet food for pets’ cats, and dogs. Darin Machinery is here to assist you to choose the right machinery for your business. We are a one-stop food machinery lines manufacturer and supplier. We provide high-quality machinery lines at reasonable prices.

There is wet, fresh, semi-moist, or raw food. When comparing dry food and dry treats, to other types of pet food, shoppers may wonder about the difference between the two.

Let’s draw more in-depth on dry kibbles and the production.

Dry Pet Food is Produced by an Extruder

Unlike other kinds of pet foods, dry and semi-moist food are cooked through a process known as extrusion. Which is the same extruding method as breakfast cereals and pasta. The ingredients will be mixed and cooked at a high temperature and pressure. Further down the process, it will be pressed out from the mold plate and cut to the desired size. Next, it will be moved to a dryer to remove the excess moisture.

Introduction of Darin’s Pet Food Machinery Line

The pet food production line can produce all kinds of pet food including dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc., with different raw ingredients and crafts to produce a variety and unique flavored pet food. It comes in different shapes, furthermore, you can customize the molds according to your personal preference.

Our machinery is continuously improving to extrude the best pet food, making it the most scientific, automatic machinery line, to adapt to the continuously developing and growing market.

Darin’s effort in developing the latest technology and enhancement has fully reflected in our machinery lines. The operation is simple and user-friendly. There is a precise parameter control ensuring that the product is completed within the time limit, at the precise temperature, pressure, and humidity.

Well-designed structure, made with lasting material, it can perform fast self-cleaning to ensure the hygiene, stability, and easy maintenance of the machine

On the other hand, semi-moist pet treats will be extruded at a lower temperature and pressure. Cooling instead of drying, to maintain slightly higher moisture content. Check out Semi-moist Dog Chews Machine here.

Through the process of extrusion, the temperature will reach an appropriate level to eliminate the potential pathogens or bacteria such as Salmonella. This is known as the killing step – this is to kill the bacteria and pathogens. To ensure the safety of the pet foods.  

As manufacturers why do we need to ensure there is no Salmonella in our finished products?

Pets that are infected by Salmonella will cost diarrhea that may contain blood or mucus, furthermore, it may cause fever or vomiting. So, we need to ensure that in our pet food there should never be Salmonella present.

In conclusion, the benefit of choosing Darin machinery is very obvious. We are professionals in manufacturing and supplying food processing machinery lines. Darin is in the market for 11 years, we are a trustable brand.


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