Why instant noodles machinery?
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Why instant noodles machinery?

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Why instant noodles machinery?

Instant noodles are dishes that you can cook with minimal effort. It is very popular among amount consumers of all ages. Darin Machinery was established in 2011, we provide high-quality food processing machinery lines. Our machinery line has been exported to more than 70 countries worldwide. With positive reviews of up to 90%, we provide professional advice to guide our customers.

Instant noodle processing line

What are instant noodles?

Instant noodles are defined by whether they are packed with noodles seasonings are present and with or without garnish in separate pouches or sprayed on noodles and ready for consumption after dehydrating process. The raw ingredient includes wheat flour, rice flour, etc. It may be treated by alkaline agents. It is categorized by different processing methods, mainly the way of dehydration frying or roasting.

What are the types of noodles of instant noodles?

In the market, there are different packaged instant noodles, namely the cup noodles and the bagged ones. Depending on the molds, they will come in square and round shapes. As we just mentioned, there are two types of instant noodles, with process different dehydration methods.

1.     Fried noodles

Noodles are allocated in a mold and deep-fried in the oil at 140 - 160 degrees Celsius for a few minutes. The moisture content of the dough is reduced to 2 – 6%. Giving the unique shape of the instant noodles, which is not prone to breakage during transportation. Fried noodles are porous and reconstitute easily in hot water, allowing consumers to enjoy the wonderful taste of instant noodles.

2.    Non-fried noodles

The noodles are also put in a mold, and when through a dryer to dehydrate the moisture. The non-fried noodles’ texture is similar to ramen we had in restaurants.

Instant Noodles Production Line

1.     Dough Maker

Mix the flour with the perfect amount of water and knead the dough evenly until it is smooth and ready to use when comes to the next step.

2.    Forming & Rippling

The dough will be cut into noodles. That is with curves, the purpose of the specific shape is to maintain the instant noodle in shape during transportation, without breaking it.

3.    Steaming Oven

Next will be steaming the instant noodle, this step will further maintain the noodle shape, avoiding it sticking together.

4.    Cutting

It will be cut into specific portions, and we will provide different molding shapes. Thus, your final products could be in a square or round shapes.

5.     Frying

The instant noodles will be hardened, excessive moisture will be removed.

6.     Cooling

This stage is to cool down the final products for packing.

If you are interested in this machinery, do contact us, we will provide you with professional advice.

Why Darin Machinery?

1.     Darin Machinery chooses motors of high quality, we use motors that are from either WEG or Siemens. The brands provide a 3-year worldwide warranty, any consent about this you can contact our customer service support to find out more information.

2.    Electric Parts are from ABB or Schneider. Thus, it is easy to get a replacement when needed no matter which country are you located in.

3.    Most Machinery has implemented PLC and Touchscreen to optimize the level of production. Realizing a user-friendly system has effectively reduced the labor required. These electric parts are provided by Siemens, Germany.

4.    The PLC and Touchscreen take control of the full processing line, not just one or two machines. The touchscreen will display English.

5.     If there is any technical fault occurs, there will be relevant information displayed specifically on the touchscreen. Thus, it enables you to solve it easily, without the need to investigate the specific problem.

6.     The control cabinet is 24V, which is a safe voltage.

7.     The whole machinery line has implemented three different protectors to ensure the safety of the operators and machines. Namely the over-current protector, over-voltage protector, and over-heat protector.

8.    The body of the machinery line including, the mesh belt, and parts in contact with ingredients are all made of food-grade stainless steel. And the cover body is made of stainless steel too. ‘

In conclusion, choose Darin Machinery as your first choice. We will be providing professional advice and tips on the production process. Talks to your consultants, for further details on Darin Machinery lines. We are looking forward to having you onboard our journey to achieve your goal production capacities.


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