Why Soy Chunks Extruding Line?
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Why Soy Chunks Extruding Line?

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Why Soy Chunks Extruding Line?

1. Introduction of Soy Chunks with Operation Video

2. Why soya chunk machinery line?

3. Why Darin’s Soya Nugget Machinery?

4. Flow Chart and Capacity of the Soya Meat Machinery Line

Darin Machinery was established in 2011, in Shandong, China. Our ambition is to provide the most premium food processing machinery for our customers. Currently, Darin’s Machinery is operating in over 70 countries worldwide.

Introduction of Soy Chunks with Operation Video

Soya Chunks come from defatted soy powder. It's also an instant cooked and a great source of plant-based protein without animal fat. It was a famous Chinese Cuisine, popular on our tables

The tofu chunk can be boiled at a high temperature, but instant cooked. For instance, it's excellent in chili, tacos, veggie burgers, and soups, depending on your consumers’ cooking method and preferences.

Why soya chunk machinery line?

Soy protein line with different shape sample

- The end product is also named tofu nugget a nutritious plant source, it is a perfect choice for vegetarians. Without animals’ fat, as well as low-density lipoprotein. But the degree of tastiness is no lesser than meat.

- This processing line is widely used in processed meat products, fast food, and instantly frozen food industries. Furthermore, this soya bean processing line can also produce a wide variety of vegan meats.

Why Darin’s Soya Nugget Machinery?

soya protein machine with sample

- This soybean extruding machinery line is designed based on the latest technology from Switzerland and America. Upon that, Darin made some improvements.

- This soya extruding line can be used to produce soya nuggets, and soya chunks by adjusting the molds from the extruder. Meanwhile, it can also produce cereal, and snacks by adjusting the screws from the extruder.

- To create a slice-like fiber structure, the raw material needs to go through powder-grinding. And proceed to the soy extruding machinery, in the extruder, the ingredients will be stirred, under high pressure, and temperature present, to be successfully produced.

- Both soy powder and peanut or any other kinds of powders can be used in this machinery.

- The end-product soy will be breaking the spherical protein molecules to form chained protein molecules.

Flow Chart and Capacity of the Soya Meat Machinery Line

Flour mixing → Screw Conveying → Extruding → Drying → Flavoring → Cooling


Capacity (kg/h)

Power (kW)

Dimension (m)

DR – 65

120 – 150



DR – 70

200 – 300



DR – 85

500 – 600



Darin can customize according to customers’ local voltage regulations.

To conclude, Darin aims to grow with our customers and assist you to achieve your desired production. Choose Darin as your first choice. When comes to food process machinery, we are professional. Contact us now, to get an attractive quotation.


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