What are the processing characteristics of the food extruder?
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What are the processing characteristics of the food extruder?

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Today Darin Machinery introduces the characteristics of food extrusion processing.

1. The versatility of the food extrusion system enables a wide range of applications

A wide variety of foods can be produced by the same extrusion processing system, so food extrusion technology is widely used in many food production fields.

Food extrusion technology can process a variety of puffed and fortified foods, such as: ready-to-eat cereals, convenience foods, dairy products, meat products, aquatic products, condiments, sugar products, chocolate products, etc.

2. The product forms are rich and diverse

Food extruders can produce products in a variety of forms that are not readily available with other production methods. The shape of the product can be changed by simply replacing the mold, and products with different shapes and patterns can be produced. Therefore, the product range is wide, the variety is various, and the colors are uniform, which can form a series of products, which is conducive to the flexibility of production and sales.

3. High production efficiency

Because extrusion processing integrates feeding, conveying, heating and forming, and can be continuously produced, the production efficiency is high. The production capacity of small extruders is dozens of kilograms per hour, and the production capacity of large extruders can reach more than ten tons per hour, and the energy consumption is 60% to 80% of traditional production methods.

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4. High product quality

Extrusion is a high temperature and short time processing process, which minimizes the damage of nutrients, but kills most of the microorganisms and other harmful substances, and the nutrients in the food are hardly destroyed.

5. No pollution, high utilization rate of raw materials

The extrusion process is carried out in a closed container, except that a small amount of raw materials need to be used as the head material and tail material when starting up and shutting down, so that the equipment operation can be transitioned to a stable production state and smoothly shut down, and generally there is no waste of raw materials (the head and tail materials can be processed. Comprehensive utilization), and will not discharge waste gas and waste water to the environment and cause pollution.

6. Low cost

Food extrusion systems require less labor and floor space per unit of output than other retort (molding) processing systems.

Darin Machinery has a variety of food extrusion production lines, such as pasta, soy protein, bread crumb production lines, etc., including Cheetos/Kurkure production lines, if you are interested, please contact us.


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