The Transformation of Pet Food Industry. How to Stand Out from the Market?
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The Transformation of Pet Food Industry. How to Stand Out from the Market?

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Darin Machinery provides premium quality. Including pet foods & pet treats machinery lines. We are a member of APPA and the Vice President of the Shandong Pet Industry Association.

It all began in 2020, when Covid 19 breakout, the way of consumers’ spending trends had met a turning point. The sudden epidemic has changed the life trajectory of people.

Along with the prolonged working at home policy, most people stay at home. The pet economy rapidly grew and transformed into emerging markets with the growing trends.

1.     Pets have moved away from the Working pet era, to the emotional accompany pet era.

In the past, pets including dogs are used as working partners, to look after the house, farm, and sled. As well as cats too, they are used to catch mice on a farm to ensure the wheat, and other farming products are not damaged.

But, in the modern days, pets act as family members, emotional sustenance, and accompanying. They are the best accompanying partners for kids, adults, and families. Now, they can also be trained to become animal doctors.

2.    Scientifically owning a pet, designing their diet for them.

Due to the change, pets desired better, food, healthcare, etc. Customers are willing to spend more on food and treats. Furthermore, the customers of these foods are not the consumers of the products. This purchasing action is based on rationality and emotional attributes.

Thus, investing in great machinery is crucial, Darin Machinery can support all your needs and wants of a pet food processing machinery line. We provide different types of machinery lines, including:

Dry Pet Foods

-       Dry Kibbles Machinery Lines

With different capacities machinery lines, support your daily production quantity need. Currently, dry pet foods are still the key animal food source. Therefore, by investing in this machinery, you can achieve a fast ROI rate.

-       Mini Laboratory Extruder

This mini laboratory extruder is used in a lab, to formulate and trial the kibbles ingredients’ proportion weightage.

Treats (Toys)

-       Rawhide Bone Pressing Machine

-       Pet Treats Machinery Line

-       Dog Treats Injection Molding Machine

These are different types of dog treat toys, it is designed to be chewed by animals. To relieve boredom, and release endorphins and dopamine when chewing on something. Thus, this avoids dogs destroying our house, giving a treat toy for them to bite on is a perfect choice.

For further information on these machinery lines, please contact our professionals now!


-       Pet Biscuit Machinery Line

-       Meat Strips Machinery Line

-       Cold Pet Treat Machine

These pet treats are suitable for training, as it is delicious and small. It acts as a gift when our pet’s followed the command correctly. It can also be a nutritional supplement, acting as an add-on to the daily food source.

Last but not least, pet food and treat machinery lines are important, and the ingredients used are also very crucial to produce superior quality end products.

In a nutshell, Darin provides the latest technology for our food machinery lines. We welcome you to find out more about Darin Machinery with our consultant, they had been professionally trained to answer all your inquiries.


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