The Incredible Growth of China's Food Processing Machinery
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The Incredible Growth of China's Food Processing Machinery

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Darin Machinery was established in 2011, we have been developing continuously to provide premium machinery lines for our customers and potential customers. We have an excellent team providing you with professional guidelines and assistance.

Food Machinery is a process that raw food materials into ready or semi-finished products. The country’s development of the processed food industry is an indicator that reflects the degree of modernization.

The technology progression has resulted astringently in the food machinery industry, providing the critical guarantee for the rapid and steady growth of the food machinery manufacturing industry.

In the past two decades, the food machinery industry has developed rapidly in China. The variety, output, and value of the finished products had improved significantly. The introduction of advanced technology has also promoted the domestic technic level and narrowed the gap with the international levels.

Darin Machinery has also developed during this period. We have efficiently developed the food machinery technologies and realized automatic programs in our food machinery lines. Furthermore, we have expanded our machine lines too. Currently, we have a cereal bar production range, pet food, and treat machinery range as well as the instant processing range. These machinery lines produce cereal, oats, granola bars, pet food & treats, instant noodles, and rice.

An example of a machinery line is our most amazing and popular pet food line. It all started with ingredients like animals’ meals and wheat flour to the pet foods, that we can find on the shelf of the supermarkets. This is a great process that changes the ingredients, it includes a lot of different machines and equipment. It may be troubling if you are getting different parts from different companies.  

In Darin Machinery, you can get everything. We provide one-stop services, and professional advice to make sure you get ready for the project. If you choose to get our machinery lines, we will provide you with a complementary machinery layout plan specially designed according to your factory space. As well as, lifetime machinery inquiries services and a year of warranty, starting from the point you received our machinery.

We can customize parts for you especially, for example for the molds that give the shapes for the finished products. And also, the layers of the dryers too. If you are interested in the detail, contact us now!

To conclude, choose Darin as your first choice, we will be providing everything you need, as we are a one-stop center for beginners to experts. We are a professional company in manufacturing machinery and exporting to overseas. We have our exporting channels. Now our machinery lines are operating in over 70 countries worldwide.


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