Specially Designed Pet Treats Extruding Line for Our Customer
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Specially Designed Pet Treats Extruding Line for Our Customer

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Double Color Pet Treats Extruding Line For Soutch African Customer

Darin Machinery was established in 2011, located in Jinan, China. Through these years of development, we have become one of the largest food processing machinery manufacturers specializing in food extruders. Darin just finished the test running for double color pet treats extruding line for South African customer, now it is ready for shipping.

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We have been partnering with this customer for more than 10 years, from the time we had just started up the business has always been very supportive of our business. This time they planned to get a pet treat machinery that can make special designs.

Thus, my colleague, who had been following through with all the projects we had with them, supported him again. To provide personalized service, she suggested the double-colored pet chew machinery line.

Pet Treats Line

Darin double color pet treats processing line takes starch as raw materials with scientific configuration and was extruded from co-extruder, it can be made into many kind of shapes such as stick, bone, bi-color, bi-flavor, etc. This kind of food not only provide protein, fat, vitamin, nutrition for dogs, but also satisfy the dog nature hobby. It has the following featured to strength teeth, clean mouth and prevent bad breath,scientific nutrition proportion and easy digest. It also can reform enteric function, lighten the bad smelly.

Pet Treats

Double-colored Pet Chew Machinery Line consist of the following machines:

1.     Flour Mixer

This is the first step, where different types of flour are added to the mixer with a certain amount of water. This is to prepare the materials for the next step.

2.    Single-screw extruder I & Single-screw extruder II

You may be wondering why there are two of them, this is because, if you are looking for double-colored treats, you need one machine for each color. In this machine, the raw ingredients will be cooked, and when they exit from the machinery getting in contact with the atmosphere, the products with expand.

3.    Cooling Conveyor

For this machinery, you may feel that it is not important at all. However, if you don’t have it will make your life a mess. It does not only serve as a cooler to cool down the semi-final products, preventing sticking to the cutter. The cooling conveyor also acts as a transportation system bringing the products to the next step.

4.    Automatic Cutter

This machinery can operate continuously, to cut the treat into specific lengths. You can achieve your desired length by controlling the speed. Furthermore, the length will be consistent throughout the production.

5.     Big Hoister

This machine is to transport the products upwards to the higher roasting oven.

6.     Roasting Oven

It removes the excess moisture in the products making the chewier and more elastic. Furthermore, with a minimal percentage of moisture, the shelf life of the products will be effectively extended.

7.     Cooling Conveyor

It acts as the cooler and transports the finalized products to the packing machinery. Darin also provides packing machines, if interested can find out more from our representatives.

To conclude, Darin Machinery will be your best choice, we have more than 10 years of exporting experience. We provide high-quality machinery lines at attractive prices, all our customers are trained by professionals, to provide consistent services.


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