Single Screws vs. Double Screws Extruders
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Single Screws vs. Double Screws Extruders

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Single Screws vs. Double Screws Extruders

Darin Machinery was established in 2011, we are a professional extrusion machines manufacturer, that provides machines for pet food & treats and human snacks. We focus on both domestic and aboard markets. Currently, our machinery lines are operating in more than 70 countries worldwide. With up to 90 per cent of positive reviews.

Why Double Screws Extruder is better?

High Output

Owing to a continuous extrusion process, the extruder serves a high productivity system, which can provide higher efficiency for the food manufacturing process. A double screw will increase the output of the production.

Stability Production

With double screws you can expect better stability of production outputs. And a self-wiping capability that prevents residues from acclimating and a heat transfer that is relatively faster and more uniform from the barrel to the ingredients.

Reduced Cost

Extrusion processing has a lower cost range compared to other food processes. Its one-step, continuous system requires little labor, and the energy consumption of the double extruder is relatively low, as you can produce more production capacities.


Twin-screw extruders have a wide flexibility for handling diverse ingredients and a higher production rate than single screw extruders. Twin-screw extruders can be operated with a greater range of moisture content.

To conclude, choosing Darin Machinery double screw extrusion machinery will be the best choice of all. We provide wonderful machinery lines at attractive pricings. All our consultants are trained to provide professional services for all inquirers. Contact us now~


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