Research shows U.S. Pet Food Manufacturers have brought up the Agricultural Economy
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Research shows U.S. Pet Food Manufacturers have brought up the Agricultural Economy

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Darin was established in 2011, we are one of the largest company food-process machinery line manufacturing companies. We produce food machinery lines catering to pets and humans. All our machines are high in quality and priced reasonably.

According to the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER), the North American Renders Association (NARA), and Pet Food Institute (PFI), a joint-released funded report mentions that the purchasing power of the $30 billion per food industry and its economic implications for U.S agriculture and rural communities.

Although it is no longer a recent report, I think it is still an ongoing thing. As there is still pet food production, there is still a need for these ingredients supply. In this article, I will avoid sharing too much on the figures, as they may vary each year. I will focus on it enhance the economy and reduction of food waste.

Pet food includes animal- and plant-based ingredients to provide the necessary nutrients for our pets. Most of the ingredients used in pet food are not eaten by humans, for example, the edible intestines. Which are high in nutritional value, to support our pet’s health. Furthermore, it can minimize food wastage.

It promotes grain ingredient sales and many other product demands; this was beneficial to the country’s economy. Minimizing food wastage, as there is a shelf life for all food products

Using Darin’s Pet Extruder Machinery manufacturing into pet feeds can effectively extend the shelf life. Furthermore, there is a higher demand for these pet kibble products.

In Chinese, we got a saying, to do a great job, you need the best tool. With wonderful ingredients, you will need the best pet food machinery line. Darin provides the best quality products, keeping and locking the nutrient in the pet food. If you are interested in our products drop us a message now!

To conclude, by choosing Darin Food Machinery Line you will never get wrong, we have a full professional to support you to set up your business. Assisting you to achieve your production goals. We provide top-quality food processing machinery at a reasonable price.


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