Produce your Healthy Ginger Granola Bar!
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Produce your Healthy Ginger Granola Bar!

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Produce your Healthy Ginger Granola Bar!

Darin Machinery was established in 2011, we are one of the leading food machinery manufacturers, that provides interesting designs of molds for our machinery line. This is to provide your consumers with more choices. As more attractive food can attract consumers' attention, thus, standing out in the market.

Have you ever thought about collaborating on different snacks together? Today, I will be sharing the combination of ginger taste with granola bars. It can be mass-produced, by simply adding ginger extract. This idea came from our talented machinery designer, who had designed the mold in a donut shape. Now, the new ginger man granola bar machinery line is welcome for order.

The machinery flowchart

Cereal bar cutting machine

Mixer – Mixing all ingredients with the warm syrup, ginger extracts should be added in this stage. To give layers to the taste, making eating a comfortable activity that would not cost burden our health.

Linking to my next point, of being healthy. How can consuming granola bars be healthy? Thus, manufacturers must control the size and calories of their finished products. By reducing sugar, balancing the puffed grain and dried fruits, and controlling the serving size of each packaging. This will effectively produce healthy ginger cereal bars.

Compressing – the ingredients will be pressed by a roller which is made of food-grade and unsticks material. As in this stage, the syrup is soft and easy to refigure into any size or shape.

Conveyor with fans – this machinery is to cool down the ingredients preparing them ready for the cutting stage. During cutting, the semi-produced products need to be flexible so that it is easy to cut, and not too soft, sticking onto the cutter.

Cutting– After the ginger oat bars are pressed firmly and cooled down, the machinery will progress on cutting the semi-finished products into smaller pieces.

Conveyor with fans and packaging – fully cool down the final products before packing them for your sales.

In conclusion, choose Darin machinery is a choice that you will never regret, we provide wonderful machinery lines at attractive prices. Our machinery lines have up to 90% of positive reviews. Furthermore, we provide excellent customer service experience for all our customers. Contact us now for further information!


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