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Pet Food Manufacturers – Choose your ingredients wisely

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Pet Food Manufacturers – Choose your ingredients wisely

Darin presents, a new topic sharing on ingredients of dry kibbles and the tips when choosing them. Before starting on today’s topic, I would like to introduce Darin Machinery. We specialized in the manufacturing machinery, which produces cereal snacks, tidbits, pet food, and treats production machinery lines.

If you want to become a good manufacturer, you need durable, high-quality machinery that can achieve your production goals. Darin can meet all your expectations, furthermore, it comes with an attractive price and quality you will never reject. We are the leading brand in the food machinery industry. On top of that, it is also important to choose your ingredients wisely.

Quoting one of my favorite quotes:

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort

John Ruskin

If you are thinking of starting a pet food manufacturing factory, I hope you had heard before “meat meals”. It is a mysterious meat concentrate that people rarely know.

People who did research may find it bad for our pets. However, this is not the fact. The truth is quality pet meals contain high proteins.

Let me elaborate, a meat meal is a dried end-product of the cooking process known as rendering. With rendering, the food processors will start by stewing, cooking away from the water, and baking the residue. Resulting in a highly concentrated protein powder – animal meal.

Graph of Whole Chicken comparing with Chicken Meal

Extra information:

Animal meals are the raw ingredients of most of Darin’s pet food machinery lines.

The table above shows you the nutritional value, a chicken meal contains 65% of protein as compared to whole chicken with only 18% of protein.

Remember no meal product could be better than the raw materials that it was made from.

Tips to choose your meat meal wisely for manufacturers:

1. Avoid by-products ingredients

Meaning that it is unclear and might contain inedible ingredients.

2. Without a specific source of animal

For instance, inferior meat-based protein ingredients. Notice the generic terms:

                • Meat meal, Animal meal

Choose those species-specific animal sources including beef, venison, lamb, chicken, etc. It will be better if the source is certified by FDA and USDA.

                • Chicken by-product meal

By-products are beneficial for animals as it contains a high level of iron, copper, calcium, Vitamins, etc. However, choose those stated ones, for example, heart, liver, kidney, etc.

                Meat and bone meal

Some of the bones can be edible for our pets, as it is high in phosphorous, calcium, etc.

* Note that these choosing guidelines are also for pet owners when choosing food for their pets.

To summarize today’s topic, if you had decided to start up a factory to manufacture pet feeds, choose the quality animal meal for all your product. As well as considering Darin machinery as your first choice, we provide premium puffing and extruding machinery that are high automatic. Contact us now, for a best deal!


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