Motor of food extruder Common fault causes and solutions
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Motor of food extruder Common fault causes and solutions

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Today, Darin Mechanical Needle shares 5 common faults of the motor of food extruders, analyzes the causes of the faults and their solutions, and hopes to help you.

The motor failures of the food extruder are:

1. The main motor cannot be started


(1) There is an error in the boot procedure.

(2) There is a problem with the main motor thread, whether the fuse is burned.

(3) The interlocking device related to the main motor works.


(1) Check the procedure and restart the car in the correct driving sequence.

(2) Check the main motor circuit.

(3) Check whether the lubricating oil pump is started, and check the status of the interlocking device related to the main motor. The oil pump doesn't turn on and the motor doesn't turn on.

(4) Check whether the emergency button is reset.

(5) If the induction power of the inverter has not been discharged, turn off the main power supply and wait for 5 minutes before restarting.

2. The main motor current is unstable


(1) Uneven feeding.

(2) The main motor bearing is damaged or poorly lubricated.

(3) A certain section of the heater fails and does not heat.

(4) The screw adjustment pad is wrong, or the phase is wrong, and the components interfere.


Check the feeder and troubleshoot.

(2) Overhaul the main motor and replace the bearing if necessary.

(3) Check whether the heaters work normally, and replace the heaters if necessary.

(4) Check the adjustment pad, and pull out the screw to check whether the screw has interference.




3. The temperature rise of the main motor bearing is too high


(1) Poor lubrication of bearings.

(2) The bearing is seriously worn.

Solution: Check and add lubricant. Check motor bearings and replace if necessary.

4. The main motor makes an abnormal sound


(1) The main motor bearing is damaged.

(2) A certain thyristor in the thyristor rectifier circuit of the main motor is damaged.


(1) Replace the main motor bearing.

(2) Check the thyristor rectifier circuit, and replace the thyristor element if necessary

5. The starting current of the main motor is too high


(1) The heating time is insufficient and the torque is large.

(2) A certain section of the heater does not work.

Solution: Use the hand crank when driving. If it is not easy, extend the heating time or check whether the heaters in each section are working properly.

If you have more questions about food extruders, please contact darin machinery directly.


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