Mini Pet Food Laboratory Machine
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Mini Pet Food Laboratory Machine

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Mini Pet Food Laboratory Machine

Darin was established in 2011, we specialized in extrusion machine lines. We are professionals in manufacturing machinery, all of our staffs are trained to perform excellently and consistently, they can provide you will advice and recommendation.

Mini Pet Food Labortary

Mini Pet Food Extruder is designed and innovated upon our customer’s feedback, to provide convenience. It was a perfect choice for laboratories, with this small production machinery, you can test and trial your pet-fed formula. This machinery will be rather important if you have a large production line.

As you can run the sample with this mini laboratory line, with a production of 5kg sample in an hour. With these samples, you can test the degree of gelatinization, protein content, digestibility of the ingredients, etc. So, there is no need to run a huge production line for such a small quantity of samples. It is a waste of ingredients and electricity.

The mini-lab pet food extruder is mini in size and moveable, user-friendly, and simple to assemble & disassemble, and clean. The equipment is controlled by the PLC, the speed of the extrusion, and the cutting knife can be changed by the frequency converter.

This small equipment can not only be used to make pet feeds but it could also be used in formulating dog treats and puff snacks.

To conclude, Darin Machinery provides high-quality food processing machinery for our customers, assisting them to achieve their desired production capacity. We have rich exporting experience; we have ready export our machines to over 70 countries worldwide. Choosing Darin will be a decision you will never regret. So do not hesitate to contact us now!


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