Investing in Soy Protein Extruding Line
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Investing in Soy Protein Extruding Line

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Investing in Soy Protein Extruding Line

Have you considered how vegetarians adopt proteins from food? Vegetarians normally get their proteins from plant sources, which is normal from soya products. So, the machine introduced today is a soy protein extruding line, proudly presented by Darin Machinery.

Darin Machinery was established in 2011, we specialized in manufacturing food extrusion and puffed food machines. Our machines are working in over 70 countries worldwide. We provide high-quality machinery and professional services.

Soy protein line

The soy protein line adopts low-temperature soybean meal and peanut meal as the key raw materials. After grinding, stirring, tempering, under high temperatures, pressure, and shear. The spherical protein molecules are opened into chains and reorganized into meat-like structures, the mouth feel of the products tastes the same as meat.

The texture tastes just like lean meat, such as a product, and feels chewy. This product has a very nutritional value. Without cholesterol and animal fats, which can cause a burden on our bodies. With characteristics of oil adoption, water absorption, and taste adsorption.

In conclusion, Darin Machinery is a perfect manufacturer, choosing our products you will never regret the choice made today. Providing fantastic customer service. If you feel interested in our product interact with us from now to get your free quotation.


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