How is Pet Food Made?
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How is Pet Food Made?

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Do you wonder how pet food is made? We are Darin Machinery, a China Pet Food Machinery Manufacturer producing wondering machinery lines that are of premium quality. We were established in 2011 and have grown & developed into a top food machine manufacturer.

We focus on updating our machinery’s technology and improving them regularly to provide better products for you. Now, our machinery lines are operating in over 70 countries worldwide. Assisting companies to achieve their production goals.

Most of our partnering companies opt for continuous improvement in the safety of ingredients and finished products. They practice excellent standard operating procedures, to ensure that all products are safe for consumption without harmful bacteria.

We highly recommend manufacturers adopt:

1.     Reliable and Trusted Ingredients Suppliers

All it starts with a trustable ingredient supplier. You should focus on the meat meal ingredients and choose the ones with indicate the spices of the animal. Is it up to standard? It can be animal by-products, as by-products are nutritious to support our pet’s daily needs.

One of my favorite quotes, which I would like to share with you, my readers.

The end product will never be better than the ingredients used.

On top of this, you will still need a wonder pet feed-making machinery line to support you to keep these nutritious minerals, proteins, and vitamins. Darin machinery will be your best choice, we provide excellent machines and services. Contact us now!

2.    Follow the Food Safety Protocol to ensure the hygiene of the pet food

Through the production of pet feeds, you need to ensure the hygiene of the machines. Darin recommends regular cleaning is important. It stops bacteria from contaminating our pet feeds.

Some of our machinery lines support a self-cleaning system, contact us to find out more about these machinery lines.

Furthermore, all Darin Machinery is produced with stainless steel, which will not get rusty and damage our pet food produce.

3.    Monitoring is crucial during the Manufacturing

During each of the steps, you need to take great care of your products. Some ingredients may consist of bacteria and pathogens. Through high heating procedures, these harmful substances will be killed.

Darin’s Machinery Produce

-       Dry and Semi-Moist Food

It is cooked by an extruder, just like many human processed foods, for example, pasta and cereal. The cooked ingredients will be pressed through a die plate with holes. When the ingredients exit the holes, they will be cut into specific sizes and shapes.

Next, it will be transferred into a dryer to remove the remaining moisture. The coating drum will add flavor to the finished products. Once it was cooled, the pet kibbles will be packaged in different packaging.

Machinery Lines That Produce Dry and Semi-Moist Food

-       The process of making treats

It is mixing all ingredients, in different extruding methods, producing with cold extrusion methods. The process will kill and eliminate the growth of bacteria, and also the minimal moisture presence stops the duplication of bacteria.

These treats are pressed or cut into small sizes. With high nutritional value, tasty, and delicious. Due to its properties, it is suitable for training purposes, building connections with our pets, or even as nutritional support.

Machinery Lines That Produce Treats

  • Cold Pet Treat Machinery

  • Meat strip Machinery Line

  • Meat Chunk Making Machinery

-       Rawhides are made of the inner layer skins of animals. Rawhides can be produced in various patterns. At Darin, you can order your customized molds to produce your desired shape.

Machinery Line That Produces Treats

Steps to ensure safety during the manufacturing process include:

·         Check and speculate that proper temperature, pressure, and pH are maintained.

·         Environmental testing in the facility for any presence of bacteria.

·         Inspection for metals.

·         Verification of correct equipment set-up and function.

·         Verification that the correct product size, shape, color, protein, fat, and moisture level are being produced.

·         Sanitization of the equipment before the manufacturing of a different product begins.

To conclude, choose Darin Machinery as your first choice, we provide the best customer services and after-sales support. Darin focuses on our machine’s quality, and innovation to meet the expectations of our customers.


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