How did the puff extruder machines change our raw ingredients?
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How did the puff extruder machines change our raw ingredients?

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As we all know, technology has changed our life. Have you wondered about, the food that we consume is changing too, due to technology today? Our life is moving at a high speed, thus, increased fast cooked food in the market. Thus, now we have the puff extruder machine.

How did the puff extruder machines change our raw ingredients chemically?

Starch gelatinization and degradation

After extrusion and puffing, the starch mainly breaks down into two aspects. Firstly, starch gelatinization, the dense of starch molecules, is disintegrated, as hydrolyzate is present, thus, the hydrogen bond is broken. And these expanded starch particles are broken into the viscous melt. Due to a sudden pressure drop in the extruder machine, a large amount of steam is lost instantly. As there is a large number of starch granules disintegrated, thus, many extruded feeds with micropores are formed.

On the other hand, starch is degraded, the average molecular weight of starch is reduced significantly. Oligosaccharides such as maltodextrin could be produced by cracking into more molecules. Gelatinization starch has stronger water absorbency and bonding function than ordinary starch. Which can reduce the amount of starch used to save cost during production and provide more choices for other raw ingredients.

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Protein denaturation

Through the puffing extrusion process, protein denaturation took place in simple terms to explain this is high temperature, pressure had destroyed the protein molecule structure, it structured and reorganized into a homogenized surface, the intermolecular hydrogen and disulfide bonds are partially broken, finally formed denaturation of proteins. During the puffing process, raw ingredient nutrients are broken into different particles, although the structure is damage but it nutrition is still beneficial for us and our pets.

Extension of shelf life

The food process machine enhances the raw ingredient's shelf life, as it is free of moisture and undergoes high temperatures. Thus there will not be mold or bacteria. These can improve the hygiene quality of the feed and effectively reduce the occurrence of humans and animal diarrhea and gastroenteritis.

In a nutshell, technology changes the way we live, this shows that life is improving, we get more connected with the world.


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