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Fruit Snack Bar Machinery Line from Darin Machinery

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Nowadays, consumers have increased in health awareness, they are looking for reducing fats, sugar, salt, etc. food products. Thus, a cereal or oat bar topped up with dry fruits is a perfect choice. As a process food manufacturer, you need excellent machinery too. Darin Machinery is here for you, we provide high-quality machinery lines at attractive prices.

Why is the fruit bar-making machinery line recommended?

All our machines can produce different types of cereal bars, including fruit bars, chocolate bars, protein bars, and candies too. However, why recommend fruit bars?

This is due to the top-up of the fruits’ nutrition, for example, in the cranberry fruit bar, there are cranberries and grains.


·         Maintain heart health

·         Treats constipation

·         Relief muscles cramps

It tops up the nutritional value of the normal cereal bar, and it is healthier for our consumers.

So, which are the machinery lines that can produce your desired fruit bars, Darin provides you with three different choices, from small production capacity to mass production and with different shapes.

From puffed rice to cereal bar machines

These are the types of machinery that will transform the mixed ingredients into cereal bars. Let’s find out more,

1.     Cereal Bar Molding Machinery (DRC 65)

Cereal bar molding machine

Production Capacity 250-400kg/h

Molding machinery can create different shapes and sizes. By changing the molding, furthermore, Darin provides mold customization. So that you can choose your design.

A)  Filling Ingredients

Fill the mixed ingredients onto the oat bar machinery.

B)   Forming Shape

Pressed against the mold and remove the excess.

C)    Cool Tunnel

This part of the machinery has small fans to speed up the cooling process.

D)  Demolding Cereal Bar

The Cereal Bar is removed from the molds and moved on to the next step.

E)   Conveying Cereal Bar

Transport and cool down the energy bar further and prepare and get ready for packing.

2.     Cereal Bar Cutting Machinery (DRC 75)

Cereal bar cutting machine

Production Capacity 300–400kg/h

A)  Hoister

Transport and cool the ingredients, getting ready for the next step.

B)   Cereal bar pressing

In this step, the ingredients will be pressed evenly into one big piece.

C)    Cool Tunnel

This part of the machinery has small fans to speed up the cooling process.

D)  Cutting

Slicing the big piece of ingredients into cereal bars.

E)   Auto sorting packing

This step will ready the snacks ready for sales.

3. Mini Granola Bar Former

Mini granola bar former

It is similar to cutting machinery and the only difference is that the production capacity is smaller. This depends on your needs, based on your distribution power. This machinery produces at 40 – 60pcs/min.

In a nutshell, choose Darin Machinery as your first choice, we have great experience in exporting our machinery. Currently, our machinery lines are operating in over 70 countries. Furthermore, Darin has obtained up to 90% of positive reviews. If you are interested in our food machinery line, feel free to contact us now!


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